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Nixon & Chasity Katabira

Nixon & Chasity Katabira

We are The Katabira’s, Missionaries in Uganda Called to LOVE, DISCIPLE and EMPOWER young people in all aspects of life. The biggest percentage of Uganda’s population is youth and children and these are the ones we are working with at Love All Ministries Uganda (LAM- Uganda) Youth Centre. We serve over 50 young people, of which some are students and many are school dropouts with no skills and no Job. Others are battling with addictions. We also are mentoring some young parents with little  parenting or marriage skills. 70% of the young people we serve come from broken families and others can not trust their families at all. As a result of grief, many end up joining gangs, abuse sex and drugs, doing all sorts of crimes and eventually some end up in prisons. Our mission is to disciple and release young people into their dreams, calling and talents. We are doing this by providing a place where the young people can come and feel a sense of belonging, feel loved and valued. We create an environment where young people can discover their potential, develop their talents, acquire skills and grow in their walk with the Lord.



We love each of our youth as the precious individuals they are, modeling Christ’s love for them so they can share Christ’s love with others.



We accept each young person as worthy and welcome them regardless of who they are, where they’ve been. They know we love them, care deeply for them, and desire them to embrace their Christ-centric identity experiencing spiritual transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit.



We provide a safe environment for youth to identify their God-given potential and introduce them to hands-on skills in preparation to face the world as victors, not victims. We create opportunities for them and they know we want the best for their lives.


True hope is contagious. Christ is the reason for our hope. You too can be part of this national transformation through planting seeds of hope.



Our goal is to be the central point for youth empowerment in all aspects of life. We are working together to reduce crime, unemployment, drug and sex abuse, High death rates due to HIV/Aids among young people.


At LAM-Uganda (Youth Centre), we are a family, hope is restored and skills are attained.

Here is a video about our ministry...

Venture Fund
Our ministry often involves extra expenses to go towards different projects and needs we want to help meet in the community. This fund goes beyond our own financial needs and helps us to further our ministry in ways we wouldn't be able to without your help.
Family Gift (Not Tax-Deductible)
Contribute to their ministry by encouraging them with a small gift for Christmas or birthday. Please understand that these types of gifts are not eligible for a tax deductible receipt.

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