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Paulo Jobim

Paulo Jobim

I am a neurotheology scientist, studying how the Biblical narrative is supported by science. Using my research, my ministry is to bring the Gospel message to university students and scholars. Neuroscience is a very compelling field of science, and many people wish to understand how the brain works, and for Christians in science, how God allows us to recognize His glory and surrender to Jesus Christ.

Using scientific resources such as ion and photon beam techniques based on particle accelerators, I desire to understand the transformation of the mind that the Apostle Paul describes in his letter to the churches of Rome, Corinth, Philippi, and Galatia. The study is focused on how our mind is transformed in Christ, which suggests that molecular and cellular mechanisms are engaged in the process. Our scientific methodologies are of a high standard but are based on the Bible, showing there is no conflict between Science and the Christian faith.

Please consider partnering with me as I share the Gospel with the scientific community.

Venture Fund
My ministry often involves extra expenses to go towards different projects and needs that I would like to help meet in the community. This fund goes beyond my own financial needs and helps to further the ministry in ways I wouldn't be able to without your help.
Family Gift (Not Tax-Deductible)
Contribute to his ministry by encouraging him with a gift for Christmas or his birthday. Please understand that these types of gifts are not eligible for a tax-deductible receipt.

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