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Reaping a Harvest - CNBH

Reaping a Harvest - CNBH

We are excited to share with you what God is doing through Canada’s National Bible Hour. Many of you write in to tell us you’re praying that listeners will understand God’s Word and that many would come to know Jesus as their personal Savior. The Lord has answered your prayers in a mighty way.

We received a letter from a listener who lives almost 6,000 miles away from our recording studio in Nigeria! Janet attends a school of about eight thousand. The students there lost five of their friends through an incident, and they passed away without knowing Christ. It really woke Janet and the student body up. Janet came across Canada’s National Bible Hour’s broadcasts online and shared it with her friends—and in turn, they shared with their friends. 239 students surrendered their lives to Christ through our radio broadcast! Now, they all gather together regularly in the student hall to listen to our broadcasts which she describes as “the powerful, undiluted, undeniable, unfailing, true message of salvation from God.” She goes on to say,

“We all now know that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and all who come to Him will in no wise be cast out. He is able to save and forgive all sins! Before, we were lost in sin, but today we have denounced all these things and have started to go to Bible-believing churches. We look forward to growing more spiritually in Christ.”

We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes! Janet’s testimony summarizes what we strive for as a Christian radio ministry—seeking to share the Gospel with the lost and also encouraging believers in their walk with Christ.

Every month, we receive encouraging letters from faithful listeners saying what a blessing Canada’s National Bible Hour is to them. John wrote in to say that he has been a growing Christian for four years and that our ministry has had a big hand in it—the Lord be praised! We welcome you to write in as we love hearing from you. Our staff prays over your letters before the Throne— especially for your health and unsaved family members.

Your prayers and financial gifts are enabling people around the globe to hear the Good News of the Gospel, and not only to hear it but to accept it as truth and gain eternal life through our precious Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you for your faithfulness to our ministry and for making a direct and significant impact in these 239 lives and more!

In one year, Canada’s National Bible Hour airs 900 times through all of our stations. We are committed to proclaiming the inerrant Word of God and to sharing how we should live for God’s glory. Will you prayerfully consider giving a gift today to continue this radio broadcast and its impact, not only in North America but around the world? If we had 40 supporters per station giving $15 a month, we would be fully supported. The field is white. Let’s reap in the harvest together. 

HISTORY: Canada’s National Bible Hour, was the first broadcast in September 1925, by the late William Aberhart,  Bible prophecy teacher, and Premier of Alberta, Canada. His successor, the Honorable Ernest C. Manning, served as Director of CNBH and was the main Bible teacher for the next 33 years.  The broadcast continues today as a 30-minute program each Sunday morning and is heard coast to coast in Canada, and the northern U.S.A. MissionGO has underwritten this ministry since January 1990. Canada’s National Bible Hour is the oldest North American Gospel broadcast, hosted by Dr. Brian Albrecht, the current President of MissionGO.