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Ahoban Radio - The Work of Sowing Seeds

Ahoban Radio - The Work of Sowing Seeds

Water—it restores, it purifies, it saturates. In our Christian faith, the Word of God accomplishes the same tasks. It restores broken lives, purifies our hearts, and saturates our minds—provoking us to live transformed lives through Jesus Christ’s redeeming work (Eph. 5:25b-26)! When God’s Kingdom laborers faithfully plant Gospel seeds and then water them, God graciously gives the increase (1 Cor. 3:6-8)! Our Ahoban Radio ministry testifies to God’s goodness in granting an increase and letting us see tremendous fruit for our labor! To God be the glory!

The Ahoban Radio Ministry focuses on reaching people for Christ through radio, audio-Bibles, correspondence courses, evangelism and discipleship outreaches, counseling over the phone, seminars, women’s ministry, children’s events, and more.

A main goal of Ahoban is to develop in Christian leaders’ hearts a passion to evangelize unreached people and to make Jesus Christ known. Our missionaries are training young evangelists who are working among Muslim and Hindu people! It is a very difficult task to preach the Gospel among Muslims. Our missionaries are providing help by giving them copies of the New Testament and Gospel booklets―and supporting them with ongoing mentoring.

Among these exciting outreaches are the Ahoban Radio rallies. This fall at one of our rallies, listeners of our radio and online programs (from various districts) came to hear music and Gospel preaching. In fact, MissionGO’s Director of Church Planting and Ministry was the main speaker! Around 60 participants came, and several shared their testimonies! At the end of the program, a fix-tuned radio with an audio Bible was given to each participant, along with a New Testament and Gospel booklet. As follow-ups to the rallies, Ahoban holds discipleship seminars for new believers, teaching them how to live Godly lives and how to reach their neighbors for Christ.

Ahoban Rally Group

Through Ahoban Radio and our online program, here are a few of the many life transforming testimonies we have received! 

  • Amarul shared, “I understand that Jesus saved people by giving His life on the cross for our sin; He was beaten and was killed to save us. In this way He sacrificed His own life for my sin. I’d like to thank you for sharing this. I had the wrong concept but now I know He is God.”
  • Rajat said, “Through your program I have come to know the Lord; thank you.”
  • Bidhan states, “[Ahoban] teaches us how to love others, how to be honest, and how to live a righteous life. Through Ahoban radio and the online program, we are learning how to get peace in our hearts and how to overcome sin through the Lord Jesus Christ.”
  • Sundor said, “Thank you for the radio program and online program. Many things have been revealed to me—that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness and that we have freedom through the blood that was shed for us. I love Jesus Christ because He gave His blood for me for my salvation. Jesus Christ is my inspiration, my guide, my pathfinder.”

We had a mother and daughter listen to our radio program from a Hindu background. They have been listening for a couple of years. They contacted us to let us know that they gave up worshiping idols, and instead, are going to church every Sunday for worship! They have now accepted Christ as their personal Savior! Please pray that the father will also turn to Christ.

Mother Ahoban Listener

Monisha also comes to us from a Hindu background. She shared how the moral teaching of every program helped her to change her entire life. She is now teaching her daughter how to live a life with honesty and dignity! She lives far away but traveled through the night to bring her nephew to an Ahoban rally.

There is no greater joy than to know that our listeners are walking in the Truth! Pray with us that God continues to open minds to gain wisdom and to understand His Word. As you can see, our missionaries are working tirelessly to redeem the time (Eph 5:15-16). We have two specific needs. First, we have an immediate need of $1,140 USD to replace aged and failing recording equipment—a new computer and a quality digital camera to continue their fruitful online program.

Secondly, we are dependent on God’s people to uphold this ministry. It costs $3,500 a month. We need one-time and recurring givers to keep Ahoban Radio going. Today, would you prayerfully consider how God may want you to invest in this ministry? May God give the increase to transform lives for His glory!

Sincerely in His Matchless Name,

Brian M. Albrecht, President