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Born to Die

Born to Die
Support Raised
$14,957 Raised to Date
Complete Goal: $17,250

At Christmastime, many of us find ourselves decorating our trees with sentimental ornaments, counting down the days till we see family, signing Christmas cards to friends, and digging out those traditional recipes. The music is cheerful at the stores, little children are begging for toys, and most adults find themselves just wanting to be surrounded by the loud chatter and laughter of loved ones. But through the noise, when we silent our hearts from the distractions and cares of the world, we stop to remember a solemn reality in the midst of celebration. Jesus was born—to die.

Jesus willingly came to earth for a purpose. He came not just to heal the blind but to cause the spiritually blind to see. He did not come just to offer water to the thirsty but to offer a hope that would never be quenched. He did not come just to live a sinless life, but to offer His sinless life as a sacrifice to satisfy a just God. This precious baby now held by his mother would one day struggle to hold His own cross to the mount of Calvary. Bethlehem's peaceful night would one-day witness, six miles away, a dark night so awful that the ground would shudder and split rocks in two. This power of God so incredible—this story so redeeming—must be shared to the ends of the earth.

This Christmas, we have a special story to share. MissionGO has a Christian school in Wellington, the Western District near the capital of Sierra Leone, called the Dr. David Arnold High School with 1200 children. It is the only Christian high school in the region. Children from the community and over four neighboring towns are sent here, even though families are almost all primarily Muslim. Not only was the school founded on Christianity, but also Biblical truths are taught faithfully, along with teaching a way of life filled with integrity. Because the school has such a strong focus on character-building and is known for excellent academic performance, parents agree and seek to send their children here. It aids families as most of the children who have graduated have gone to colleges and universities around the country or are now working in government institutions. We did not start a school to just educate in academics but to teach Jesus Christ in order to impact lives for eternity.

Here is the challenge. The old school building has been badly damaged by the rainy season and torrential storms. It is making the children and teachers quite uncomfortable, and even sick. The school hall has been so badly damaged, that children are having asthma attacks during lessons. 

Here is a sweet testimony of a girl named Fayia (her name has been changed for privacy). She is 14 years old. 

“I was born in a village near an old, abandoned airport that was destroyed during the civil war. This was life until Ebola came. Both of my parents were stricken by the disease. I was blessed that my grandmother survived. I continued to work with her to sell things on the street so that we would have food to eat. There was a local grade school where I was able to begin some studies. It was difficult; there were very few books or paper to write on, and we had to memorize everything that the teacher wrote on the board. 

One day, girls in my neighborhood invited me to go with them somewhere. I joined and realized it was not a mosque but a Christian church. My parents had been Muslims, and my grandmother still followed tribal beliefs. 
I heard people singing and making delighted clapping sounds, so I went inside. These people were very happy. I met people who were very nice to me. I was not feeling my best that day as I was running a fever from malaria. The visiting American pastor, a very nice man, told me he would get me some medicine to take care of my bad fever. He did, and after I few days, I was much better, so I returned to thank him for the blessings of this medicine. He asked me questions about where I was going to attend school, and I told him that my parents died, and I didn’t know how would ever participate in higher education beyond the local village grade school. He told me about a school nearby, and with the permission of my grandmother, he would find a family closer to the school because he was sure he could find a sponsor to help me attend this school. I did! It was a wonderful place. They provided lunch, there were many classrooms, and students were everywhere. The school was so full every classroom had children at every desk. There were materials, writing pencils, and all kinds of new subjects to learn. I heard older kids joyfully speaking about receiving their diplomas and moving on to find jobs. I never thought this was possible.

I was talking to my teacher one day, and I said, “I keep hearing people talk about Jesus. I don’t know who Jesus is. Is he the master of this school?” She smiled at me and said, “Let me tell you who your Heavenly Father is.” After many sessions with my teacher over the next few days, I began to understand and accepted Jesus as my Savior. My time at this school had given me hope, but I never understood. When my grandmother sees me on weekends, she says, “You’re so full of joy. This must be a very blessed place.” I shared with my grandmother about Jesus and how He looks over us. She goes with me now on Sundays to the local church and became a Christian. Going to this school has blessed me with hope that I can do almost anything in my country once I graduate. It has also shown me that although I was an orphan, I have a Father who will bring me joy, care, and protection. The rainy season’s big rains recently damaged our school. After over 60 days, the water began to pour into the roof in our classrooms, flooded the floors and damaged them. Some of my friends with breathing problems now have trouble because the mold in the building and dust on the floors. The teachers tell us it is a hard problem to fix as the school building has a different type of roof that is hard to replace. This school has brought me and many of my friends hope for the future. We pray that Jesus will send someone to help us repair this roof.”

The children at Dr. David Arnold High School are going on school break in late December. We are asking for your help so that resources will come in on time so we can fix the roof for their second semester a few weeks later. This is a big need, but we have a big God! It will cost $17,250 to replace the roof so Fayia, her friends, and our other students can learn in a healthy, dry environment. Jesus was born to die so that these precious children could hear His name and know Him (Matthew 9:14). We are thrilled that many other children like Fayia are also receiving Christ as they learn about Him at our school. Please pray with us that the Lord will provide. James 4 says that when we ask and do not receive, it is because we ask to spend it on our own pleasures—yet we know our motive is pure for these children because we ask for the roof in order for them to continue to be able to learn the head knowledge and the heart knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ. These children are praying for a roof. In Mark 11, it says that whatever they ask in prayer, believing, they will receive. Will you let the Lord use you to answer their prayer?