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Catch the VISION - Digging more wells

Catch the VISION - Digging more wells
Support Raised
$87,440 Raised to Date
Complete Goal: $97,500

Clean Water Report 2020:

One of the Essentials of Life is Clean Water!

In the early days of our travel, we thought we understood why we had come to this place, which had been devastated for over ten years with a barbaric civil war. In the early days, our eyes could not see beyond the physical. The damage to the infrastructure was immediately evident in the smells of burning garbage. Children wandering the paths in town with nowhere to go; they were wearing rags and begging for food or drink in the intense heat of afternoon sun and were as repulsive as the continual burning of tires and destroyed belongings that were filling the air with putrid smells. One small child grabbed my hand and raised his hand to his mouth, begging for food. His burn-scarred face frightened me so that I gasped, and he ran away before I could gather myself to help him. From then on, I promised myself never to allow fear to be expressed on my face as I knew my heart loved these people, and I wanted so much to bring healing to their wounds.

Soon we were spending time with the people so that we became brothers and sisters and aunties and uncles. We understood that a silent pervasive killer was still on the prowl. Even though even the UN was no longer needed to protect the people from terrorists, the lack of clean water and hunger became the fight against the associated diseases, mainly targeting the youngest of the population and shortening the lives of the adults.

Taking the children off the streets was only the beginning, and together we work with our brothers and sisters of Sierra Leone to bring educational opportunities to everyone as the rebuilding of their country continues to this day. We use the provision of clean water as a basis to develop relationships working together in compassion with love and care with the people of Sierra Leone. Beginning with the study of the scriptures with national leaders and reaching out to communities of faith, God is essential to a long healthy life and has used clean water as a vehicle to spread the Word of Truth throughout the western district and beyond into the bush country. We have now completed the production of clean-water wells in over 250 villages. There are fewer deaths from water-borne disease, and we are sharing the gift of eternal life in our Lord Jesus Christ with every drop of water.

We need people to join us as we continue to purchase the resources necessary to deliver clean water. Your donation or subscription to the project allows you to have an active part in saving lives today for future generations as the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ goes out to a thirsty nation.