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A Child is Waiting On You!

A Child is Waiting On You!

A Child is Waiting On You!

Though the eyes cannot always see, the heart can feel. That's something we're reminded of every day as we do the work of the Lord to help children around the world. Often, the urgent needs we meet at Global Outreach Mission are out of sight in underserved areas like India, Africa, and Central America. But they are never out of mind.

As one of our missionaries wrote after her return from the Congo, "I almost have to ignore half of what I saw. Yet, I do not want to. There is a beauty in embracing sorrows and suffering because I can reflect the redemption and victory of the Lord over them."

Over the past year, we've felt many sorrows, but many victories for the children we serve. In India, an orphanage started by two of our missionaries received a new government mandate saying they must separate the boys and girls into separate buildings. The Lord has given them seven acres of land to build on, but they are in desperate need of funds to build their new building. In Sierra Leone, we unexpectedly gained the educational and spiritual oversight of 1,000 new children. And in the Congo, more children are alive today because we have been able to provide medicine, initiate feeding programs and educate them on agriculture. But many others are still in critical need of food and medical care.

As Matthew 18:5 reminds us "Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me."

We thank you for your previous donation to Global Outreach Mission, and we ask that you once again turn your eyes and heart toward helping the more than 10,000 children around the world that Global Outreach Mission serves by giving to our "Children of Global Fund."

Every moment that passes, another child could lose their home, face another day without food or even die. Please give today.