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Clean Water for the Destitute

Clean Water for the Destitute

Going Beyond Our Daily Duty

As I stood there in the jungle of Sierra Leone, little 6-year-old girl sat on an old tree stump, looked up at me, and told me her story.

“There were 4 children: my two brothers, my sister, and me. My brothers died. One brother died last year on a Monday,” she said as she looked down sadly and played with a blade of grass between her hands. She continued, “My other brother was older when he died. My little brother died because he drank dirty water. My father is old and poor. We got our water from a dirty well.” She folded her arms as if to comfort herself and looked aside, “When my brother died, I cried a lot. He was in my room when he died. We used to play ‘cook’ together. We put sand in a pan and pretended it was rice. Now, when I think about him, I cry. I still see him everywhere.”

Her experience is similar to countless other little children growing up in the outlying villages of Sierra Leone where MissionGO ministers. One in five children passes away before their 5th birthday—mostly due to diseases resulting from unclean, contaminated water. Many times, infants under the age of four are often not named by their family, because there is an expectation that these children might not live. However, we have seen more hope and optimism that children will make it once a community has clean water! Over 37% of the Sierra Leonean population lacks access to clean water, and MissionGO is working hard to change that—in order to change lives like Ramatu and her family!

Over the last 12 years, our ministry has been able to make a difference for literally thousands of people in remote villages by bringing clean water to over 300 communities! We now have the privilege of maintaining clean water sources—all while teaching sanitation and personal hygiene! For many Sierra Leoneans, these are new concepts—and we are overjoyed to be making a practical difference in their everyday lives and health. 

Our Clean Water Project, along with other physical projects, grants us the opportunity to share the Good News. Hundreds have come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and are experiencing His love! 

However, the work is not done. There is still great need and suffering in this country because of the remoteness, harshness, and economic realities of this part of the world.

This summer, we have initiated a WATER FILTER PROJECT. We are bringing water filters to poor, remote areas in Sierra Leone that would not have access to clean water otherwise—and we need your help!

We have a team going THIS FALL to distribute these water filters and train locals. We have already begun to prepare! Our goal is 350 water filters! Are you allowing the Lord to use you in going above and beyond your duty? Will you prayerfully consider the difference YOU can personally make by purchasing one or more water filters today?

Each filter costs $42. If you purchase 10, the cost is only $375!