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Furthering God's Kingdom through a Feeding Program

Furthering God's Kingdom through a Feeding Program

Our friend is a single mom of four –the youngest being preterm twins.

Due to the lack of nourishment and health, she is unable to provide sufficient milk for her babies, and they are malnourished. She’s been supplementing, but unclean water and environmental contamination led to severe sickness and dehydration in one of the babies. He was admitted to the hospital with his life on the line. We didn’t think he’d make the first night.

This brave and strong mom tends to all her children’ s needs while living in the urgent care ward on a mat under her child’s hospital bed. The feeding program provides her hot, nourishing meals each day. If this wasn’t available, she’d also have to find food, build a fire, wash dishes, and much more.

Aside from relieving the burden of feeding the family, this will greatly impact her health status. And in turn on her milk supply. And in turn on her twins’ health. And most importantly, they have heard a beautiful name that offers all five of them new life. Jesus.

Thanks to the Feeding Program at Pioneer Christian Hospital and your support, inpatients have been eating hot nourishing meals.

Two years ago, however, before the establishment of a feeding program at the hospital, patients had to find their own food, and some had no food at all. In this region of the Republic of Congo, malnutrition is rampant – especially among the young, the elderly, and the ill. Malnourished patients have longer hospital stays and poorer prognoses.


As a stop-gap measure, in 2017, we started the feeding program with purchased rice and beans and donated dehydrated vegetables flown in from North America. And although the program has had great success, we are eager to enter into phase two of the project. With the addition of Jesse Mitchell, a full-time missionary who brings expertise on site in the Congo, we are able to improve the program to include locally sourced fruits and vegetables – which increases the sustainability and cultural acceptability of the food.

We are also investing in long-term sustainability by mentoring local teenage boys in in agricultural practices. Using a large plot of land available on the hospital grounds, we are training the next generation in sustainable agriculture. At the same time, it provides much needed employment to cover their school fees (meaning these kids are able to stay in school), and it ultimately supplies fresh fruits and vegetables for the patients.

Jesus used food often in his ministry, both in parables and in action. More than once, He performed a miracle of feeding thousands so they could hear the Good News of the Kingdom of God. We are asking you to help us follow His example.


We are seeking $30,000 to provide for both the feeding program and garden initiative for the next two years. With your help we can feed the hungry, provide training for young men, allow teenagers to stay in school, and share the Gospel with all involved. Will you join us today?

“And Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.” –John 6:35 NKJV