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Around the World Today

Around the World Today

MissionGO celebrated 75 YEARS of ministry in August of 2019! We are excited that God is using us in mighty ways to reach the nations for Jesus Christ! Here are a few examples from around the world of what God is doing today.

Republic of Congo

Last month, a young lady brought her 1-year-old baby to Pioneer Christian Hospital. She was dying of severe malaria and anemia. The government hospital sent them to PCH for a blood transfusion. Due to the high number of cases of malaria, they were very short on their supply of blood at the time. Things looked very uncertain for the little girl and her mother as they waited on the life-saving procedure. Thankfully, the very last bag of blood PCH had at the time was a match, and they were able to give her a blood transfusion! On average, the hospital is giving 2 blood transfusions a day to children under 5 years old, who would otherwise die. This year, the Harvey Family just entered their 25th year of ministry. Through the hospital, Kimea Center, and evangelistic efforts through the chapel, movie screenings, and more, they have reported that in this year alone, 1,200 people have been born into the family of God.

Costa Rica

After years of fervent praying, the Lord has answered Global’s prayers! Five years ago, a hurricane came through Costa Rica, and because our campsite is in a volcanic area, it destroyed a good part of our property and wrecked homes in neighboring areas. Since that time, the river has changed and continued to erode our property. Because the ministry has been pivotal for Gospel outreach, we’ve been in contact with the government praying that God would grant us an audience with them—as we didn’t have the resources to fund this project ourselves. The Lord provided a team of engineering experts to do investigative work on the river; they determined that the camp property would lose 8 meters of land each year, and we’d lose the camp very soon. Last month, we were given an audience with the Chief of Emergency Services. After the team presented, she agreed to move forward with the project—along with using our team of Christian experts! We rejoice in God’s goodness and for using this team to fulfill His purpose in a mighty way.

Sierra Leone 

Just a few months ago, the Arnolds celebrated the confession that “Jesus is Lord” with 16 new believers in Mokanji. After a communion service, the church headed to the nearest river. As Bill baptized several former Muslims, they came up out of the water declaring their new Christian name, forsaking not only their former beliefs but also their Muslim names! 


King’s College has many different outreaches near Hyderabad. In April, a camp was held in which 36 children visited and joined the 23 present students for Bible learning and activities. Out of these 36 boys and girls, 23 accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior!


Last month, our Quebec Radio ministry had an Open House where the mayor cut the ribbon to officially open the Ministry House where our colleagues, Teddy and Linda Hoare, reach out to teens and single mothers. The radio ministry is on the second floor. We are so excited that this day has finally come!


We recently received a letter from one of our Canada’s National Bible Hour listeners who lives almost 6,000 miles away. Janet attends a school of about eight thousand. The students there lost five of their friends though an incident, and they passed away without knowing Christ. It really woke Janet and the student body up. Janet came across our radio station’s broadcasts online and shared it with her friends—and in turn, they shared it with their friends. 239 students surrendered their lives to Christ through our radio broadcast!

This summarizes what we strive for as a Christian radio ministry—seeking to share the Gospel with the lost and also encouraging believers in their walk with Christ.

Over these past 75 years, it is clear that the Lord has been with this ministry, and His presence has been demonstrated by the many blessings and fruits that have been manifested just this past year. In 2019, we do find a shortfall of almost $200,000 which needs to be addressed for us to continue this outreach. Would you prayerfully consider your part in ensuring resources are available to continue these fruitful ministries?