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Healing the Sick and Sharing the Gospel

Healing the Sick and Sharing the Gospel

Just a few short months ago, our medical staff in the Republic of Congo heard from one of the local pastors that there was a little girl who needed immediate help. After a 40 minute drive on a road through the forest and a tippy dugout canoe ride, they arrived at a remote village. They entered a mud house and saw the child sitting on a bed. She had a huge lump on her right leg below the knee. It was cancer. They immediately carried her to Pioneer Christian Hospital to determine the best course of action.

This sweet fourteen-year-old girl received an amputation above the knee, and recovery our missionaries had not been there to minister, this precious little girl would have died without knowing of eternal life with Someone who treasured her so much that He died for her.

Among cancer, leprosy, and various tropical diseases that our African ministry sites face, Ebola also rears its ugly head. A strain of virus from bats was responsible for causing the West Africa Ebola epidemic which infected nearly 30,000 people between 2003 and 2016. Unrelated to that strain, another large outbreak occurred towards the end of last year. Government officials in these regions are saying that we must engage local communities about these findings to help reduce the possible risks of exposure and educate people on how to handle these situations.

I must share that, we at Global Outreach Mission seek to be prepared and engage in all the communities we serve within these regions of Africa. With our clinic operation in Mokanji, Sierra Leone, our Pioneer Christian Hospital in the Congo, and our other ministry sites in Africa, we constantly pray for the village locations we serve. We have been busy bringing clean water wells in Sierra Leone and increasing the level of services at the clinic. In the Congo, our radio broadcast from the grounds of the Pioneer Hospital reaches out to engage the local villages to provide health information, not available before. A few miles away, our Kimea Center is at full capacity with staff busy displaying the compassion of Christ and treating Aka pygmies -- one of the largest people groups afflicted with leprosy. This people group strongly faces prejudice from within their own culture. Each day, our ministry sites in Africa are showing the love of Christ in a very active and real manner by caring for the sick and sharing the Gospel.

As with so many of our ministries at Global Outreach Mission, we are on the front line of the battlefield. With prayer and the provision of material supplies, you are our resource to support those Christians making a significant difference at each of these locations. Christians like you are the ones who allow us to have the funds to develop the facilities and supplies to face the challenges that this decaying world presents.

In 2019, we have set a goal of $125,000 to support Medical Ministries in Africa for our ministry sites. Your gifts will directly support the supply of these ministries with critically needed resources that are necessary now. Our facilities are a lighthouse of the Gospel message to these unreached people groups while providing for the physical needs to prevent health issues which attack these poor people daily.

You can help in two important ways. Please consider joining us as prayer partners this year. We also need financial support by one time gifts and/or pledged monthly gifts. Would you consider giving to offer life-saving care and hope today?

Our missionaries in Africa are ready on a moment’s notice to respond to circumstances needing medical attention. Through your partnership of prayer and resources, we are making a significant difference by caring for and healing the sick in Jesus’ name, all for His Glory.