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Canada's National Bible Hour - The Gift of Legacy

Canada's National Bible Hour - The Gift of Legacy

Legacy—a little word with a lot of meaning. There is a God-given desire in each of us to have an impact and leave a legacy. To our children—to our grandchildren—to those closest to us—even to those our hearts are burdened for. Let’s unpack this together.

A legacy is something you give to someone else. It is a gift—most often, an intangible one. It is something you leave behind to those who come after you. You may ask, how does a Christian actively pursue leaving a legacy? Dr. Fred Hartman, one of our Canada’s National Bible Hour preachers, states, “First, you must learn the Word of God. Then, you need to live it before your children, grandchildren, and others! After you’ve done these two things, you need to pray that they follow what you demonstrated before them.” While we patiently pray for our loved ones to follow in God’s truth, we need to turn any discouragement we may have over to the Lord, as all of it is His work. He is the one to work in their hearts and minds. What an excellent reminder from Dr. Hartman. All of the work is the Lord’s work. James 4 reminds us that our
lives are vapors; we are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

However, the Lord encourages us to redeem the time we have (Ephesians 5:16) and live as examples among believers and unbelievers alike. This said, our legacy is actually to share the Great Legacy—the one that Jesus gave us—the one that we dwell on with great hope at Christmastime.

Over the years, Canada’s National Bible Hour has pursued doing just that—pointing to the legacy of Jesus Christ to listeners around the world. To our Canadian audience, Dr. Hartman recently shared, “It is an honor to give the Word of God that reaches an entire nation!” Indeed, it is. In fact, Canada’s National Bible Hour has been sharing the light of the Gospel for 95 years this past September; it is the longest-running Christian Radio Program in North America. In its early years, Ernest C. Manning fervently hosted this radio program because he knew of its impact on the listeners. Over these past 95 years, it is no surprise to us that this world grows increasingly dark. The Bible warns us that as the end draws near—more people will be lovers of themselves, proud, unholy, unforgiving, and unloving. They will be blasphemers, despisers of good, and traitors. Many of you often write in to our radio ministry to tell us of these observations. Darkness will be widespread, yet that only means the light of the Gospel will shine brighter (John 1:5).

That is why it is so important to keep this radio broadcast on the air! The light is shining more brightly than ever before because this world is backing down into deep spiritual darkness. Here at MissionGO, we are committed to providing solid doctrine and uplifting music that feed your soul on the Living Bread. A listening couple recently wrote in and said, “Most times, we are best spiritually fed by the broadcasts we hear on the radio—keep up this important work.”

As you consider how to leave your personal legacy to those around you, would you also consider carrying Canada’s National Bible Hour’s legacy of sharing the Gospel into the future? Your prayers, a planned gift, reoccurring monthly donations, or onetime donation will all go a long way to keep this ministry on the air. Will you ask the Lord what part you can have in keeping up this important work today?