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Love & Care Ministries - Sierra Leone

Love & Care Ministries - Sierra Leone
Support Raised
$145 Raised to Date
1% 100%
Complete Goal: $25,000

Love and Care Ministries Sierra Leone International was born out of the sincere concern to help suffering families in war-torn nations like that of Sierra Leone, Liberia, etc. This ministry was founded on October 29th 2002 by Missionary Pastor Samuel Sam Shyllon.  This robust mission is involved in Child Protection which includes the areas of orphan-care, education, health, and youth empowerment (job creations).  The mission also provides leadership training (life coaching), exchange programs, and church planting as well as relief and humanitarian aid.

Since our vision is to reach out with Love and Care, while maintaining and hoping to restore human dignity, we look forward to seeing empowered citizens that are able to care for themselves and help their nation progress. Though we act locally, we reach out globally. Our work is ministry-oriented which shows love for all with the hope of caring for everyone.

During the course of the Love and Care Ministries Sierra Leone (LCMSL) program our dynamic professionals and volunteers work closely with other organizations, ministries, groups and individuals to create a visual picture that focuses on both the community of intervention and the beneficiaries. This is known as ONE VOICE, ONE TEAM, AND ONE VISION.  LCMSL is highly focused on volunteers who give their time and ideas to help build strong ties in every sector of our operation.  With 80% of work being volunteer based there is no salary scheme for work professionals since we live by donations from sponsors, free-will giving, fundraising and donor support.  It is in our work plan to compensate committed and dedicated volunteers with a set sum of allowance which is known as up-keeping funds. The bulk of our incoming support comes from donors, charities, and other sources.  These funds are specifically allocated and have limitations for how they can be used.  In order to keep costs low we only have a few full-time staff members on salary.  The small staff makes international volunteers vital to the success of our school and orphan ministries.

We strive to build our beneficiaries up while keeping source funds low with strong monitoring and high accountability. We are accountable to our partners and God since we are stewards of God’s resources. It is for this reason that we continually strive to cut down costs while maintaining a successful project.


Our main purpose is to reach communities that are in the most need and lacking support.  We strive to help in the areas of Health, Education, Youth Unemployment - job creations, agriculture - food security.  As a ministry, we cannot overstate the desire to reach out to the youth, women and children and help alleviate poverty through micro-projects. As holistic ministries, it is our passion to feed the mind of people while building their spiritual life up for the next life to come after this world.


1. Cyber/Internet Cafe (Resource Centre - Research)  

2. Resource Center-Fund Raising

3. Children Playground/Park

4 Fellowship Center/Church

5. Vegetable Garden/Aeroponic

6. Street Schooling and Feeding

7. Micro-Revolving Loan widows and one parent families 

8. Animal Husbandry Project

9. Primary Health Care Project

10. Leadership Exchange training project/College of Ministries

11. Construction project

12. Scholarship - Internship programs.

13. Orphanage/School

OUR SLOGAN – care for today hope for tomorrow - to love is to care

Our work targets suffering people, using the gifts the Lord puts on our path to bless those in need. Our ultimate aim is to make Jesus known to all and to take his name into a dying world through crusade and revival.  The focus is to target those in the 10/40 windows or unreached communities.  As a mission-minded ministry we always believe that our work is never complete without the work or support of our missionary friends and volunteers.

Past work:

In 2012 LCMSLI was able to carry relief to Kamakkwi northern Sierra Leone as a support to the Wesleyan mission hospital Northern Sierra Leone

2013 LCMSLI was of support to the Bo Eastern police medical unit by providing some basic medical support to help combat malaria and other medical related sicknesses. 

2014 LCMSLI response to an emergency relief during a fire outbreak in Jamakwee Selena community Moyamba district  

Our current work:

Setting up a children’s facility center for 52 orphan children in Bo Southern Sierra Leone

Constructing primary and secondary schools within the children’s facility

Construction of water well or hand pump

Construction of Medical facility for children and poor people on a cost recovery basis

Establish a church for Love and Care Ministries as a place of worship and fellowship

Establish a Christian loan department for Christian women- single mothers or widows as a means of empowerment 

Agriculture - this is one of the common businesses for Sierra Leonean women, therefore it is paramount within our program

Skills Training Centers - life skills are the pivotal strength of any Nation, vocational education will be a boost to the young generation’s future prospects. This department is one of our fundraising components to sustain the ministry when all donor funds or support would have come to an end.  This component would act as a bridge between the formal and the non-formal education both for our beneficiaries and the outside world.  

MISSION STATEMENT - We look forward to seeing empowered citizens, capable of taking care of themselves, progress their nation with love and care, all in the name of Jesus Christ.