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Mokanji Learning Center and Library

Mokanji Learning Center and Library

*Due to our internal accounting policy and the processing of international banking transactions, all projects are quoted in U.S. dollars. The total listed above is an estimate of the net giving to date.

TLC Program, Children Outreach Ministry, Tammie & Dennis Campbell, Sierra Leone West Africa

As the Campbells Ministry expanded their ministry in Sierra Leone, West Africa, it became quite evident that one of the major stumbling blocks in educational resources in rural Africa is the lack of educational tools.

Basic learning resources are almost nonexistent in rural Sierra Leone. We’ve developed the Mokanji Learning Center to strengthen our outreach to the population and specifically children. This Learning Center, located on our Mokanji Campus, in the southern province, is a library of educational and Christian books to help community children have a place to learn.

Even in local schools often only the teachers have textbooks, and everything is written on the blackboards. So children have no materials to take home for studying. There are no extra resources to help expand or explain the subjects that are being taught. 

If just 10 individuals or groups of friends would bless this project and pledge $400 annually, we could provide 100’s of Children with an enriched Christian education that will allow each child to successfully pass the governmental standards to graduate from each of their grade levels. We also need financial gifts of any amount to allow us to continue to purchase books and other learning materials and transport them into the region.

Will you help us provide them an opportunity to read their textbooks for an enriched education and a connection to technical books for learning trade skills? 

Yes, bring them hope for the future!

Please join us today by directly affecting the lives of these children, bring real change, and a future for the community and country. Thank you!