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Sierra Leone Tree-House Children's Outreach

Sierra Leone Tree-House Children's Outreach

TREEHOUSE OUTREACH: Facilities and programs provide a safe place for these at-risk children.

$420 helps a girl in this program for one year (or a monthly pledge of $35/month). Thank you!
Email Tammie Campbell about individuals girls in need of sponsors 

Hear Our Cry!
Be gracious, O Lord!

Sierra Leone, West Africa, has seen more than its share of conflict. More than 50,000 people died during the civil war that raged from 1991 to 2002. Today, in the decade following the end of the fighting, life is still far from easy. This is particularly true for the thousands of young women and girls. Many girls and women of Sierra Leone are sexually exploited and abused; women are still struggling to recover. The Treehouse Project was started in one region and continues to work with girls to fulfill their potential.

Psychological trauma stemming from sexual abuse is among the most common challenges facing many girls in the country. Without treatment, this debilitating condition can make it almost impossible for them to reintegrate into society and move on with their lives.

Our initiatives at the Tree-house have touched as many as 50 girls, connecting them with appropriate educational opportunities, including food security, medical care, and mentors as they reside in impoverished communities.

As conditions improve in Sierra Leone, we need your help to continue the momentum we have established. To invest in the future of a young girl's life, please consider sponsoring a child. Your support will make a world of difference to a vulnerable girl and give her the chance to emerge from poverty into a bright future.

These girls are not sponsored yet. Please click on a name to see more about each girl.

Marian - 11 years old
Mary - 7 years old
Lucy - 13 years old
Mariama - 7 years old
Jeneba - 7 years old