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Ahoban Radio - The Fruit of Perseverance

Ahoban Radio - The Fruit of Perseverance

Ahoban Radio has been through some significant challenges this past year, yet the Lord has prospered our ministry through each unexpected turn! 

COVID-19 hit Bangladesh very hard with multiple waves of the virus. Pradyot and Dipali Mondal, our ministry leaders, fought off cases of COVID-19. Sadly, it claimed the life of one of their dear friends and has taken the lives of many close national pastors and evangelists! The government declared multiple lockdowns, suspending all the church meetings and gatherings. Because of this, people mainly depended on radio and online programs. Many online viewers were asking the Mondals to do various types of online programs, so apart from our Ahoban Radio Program, they are using YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook for online Sunday school, church services, Bible studies, and prayer meetings! In addition, Ahoban is the only ministry doing an online program specifically for children and youth. They even have a question and answer time—52 programs have been created! 

  • Donations enabled Prodyot and Dipali to provide food for 130 families!
  • God supplied 500 audio Bibles to give to the people of Sundarbon.
  • 250 Correspondence courses have been completed.
  • Many individuals are coming to Christ and are being baptized!
The people of Bangladesh and India, through the Ahoban Radio ministry, are seeing and hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 

We need your partnership to keep up this amazing work. Your generous gift of $150 can provide airtime for one broadcast. Your generous gift of $750 provides a week's worth of broadcasts, and $50 provides correspondence courses for 10 people! Would you prayerfully consider giving to this worthy ministry monthly or as a one-time donation?