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Thirsting for Hope (URGENT CALL) - Sierra Leone

Thirsting for Hope (URGENT CALL) - Sierra Leone

Water IconUPDATE: 

URGENT CALL: There is so much more to do here to help the people of Sierra Leone. Your help would be invaluable for our Clean Water Ministry and a step forward in Medical Services!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our ability to bring workers to the field as well as replenish the resources necessary to continue this successful outreach of showing the love of Jesus by bringing water to the remote areas of Sierra Leone.

We have completed over 300 well locations, and this ministry has seen 100’s of people accept Christ and be baptized. We have ongoing pastor and evangelist training courses all centered around us bringing clean water to show our care for the people and give them the "Living Water" of Jesus Christ.  We recently completed five new well sites in remote villages, but we have seven villages still in desperate need of new water wells.

We will need $38,656 to complete these seven sites.

These villages are Salina, Semabu Bemyan, Bajewo, Balahun, Nyagoihun (which are wells that are in need of redevelopment at $4000 each), and two additional sites where a new well is needed. In Gogoima, and Ngieyagia, each well development will cost $6,307. Will you join us in prayer about these locations—that we will have the financial resources to help these people.

Medical Mokanji Clinic

Praise God that we have completed our solar power project for the Mokanji Medical Clinic and the Ministry Campus! This was a major step in the expansion of services.  We are ready to move forward with additional renovation and improvements to the Clinic. The need is $26,500 for this next phase.


Your gift of $42 drills one foot toward a clean water well. $6,300 provides an entire well for a community. Consider starting an advocacy campaign with your church or small group. (Click Raise Money above to begin)

MissionGO has been working in Sierra Leone to bring clean water to its people for over 13 years. The most important aspect is that we are not just drilling water wells and moving on. We continue developing ongoing relationships with the communities to ensure that these sources of clean water remain in operation. Building these relationships has allowed us to demonstrate the love of Christ, and to continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hundreds of people have come to know the Lord, and hundreds have been baptized in the name of Jesus. These changed lives are the result of past givers like you!

Realities are that thirteen years with 1) the same equipment and tools that we started with back in 2009, 2) tropical weather and 3) the remoteness of the area, it is difficult to maintain such an operation. It is time for us to refresh, rebuild, and replenish our resources to continue this critically important ministry outreach.

We would ask that you consider becoming a monthly supporter of this ministry at whatever level the Lord lays on your heart.

Another way to supplement your giving is to use AMAZON SMILE. If you purchase any products through Amazon, please consider using your Amazon Smile account (see the instructions here) and a percentage of your purchase will automatically be donated to our MissionGO Clean Water Ministry. (At this time, AMAZON SMILE is only available through the United States - keep checking for updates.)

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