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Aid to Aleppo, Syria

So many have answered the call and we praise the Lord for what He has already accomplished through those generous gifts. But there is so much more we must do...
Story Provided by missionaries on the ground in Aleppo
Aid to Aleppo, Syria
We want to thank all of you who have answered the call and we praise the Lord for what He has already accomplished through those generous gifts.

"The first container has arrived in Taurus, a city in Syria. The paperwork for the release of the container was processed quickly; armed guards assigned by our contacts, to protect the container. We were treated as VIPs at the border of Syria and Lebanon leading into Damascus. We were told that the reason we were being treated so well was: ‘Many people come and make promises to help our people, but you are the first to follow through so quickly.’Now, our critical need is to support the Christian workers who are presently distributing this food and other workers who arrive to assist them. Each staff member needs$1500 a month for living expenses; five workers are needed. This means we need $7,500, per month. Bibles and Christian tracks are in production, but we have a short fall of about $25,000 for printing."

As Christians, our focus when it comes to the Middle East can and should be different than that of the world.    Our job is to show the love of Christ and to evangelize; recognizing that the ONLY HOPE for any peace is Jesus Christ. There is so much we still must do:

We had been promised four large donated containers of food and medical supplies to meet the urgent needs in Syria - enough to feed and care for millions.  Recently, we were disappointed to learn that the partner who had agreed to provide medical supplies will be unable to meet their financial commitment.  In order to fulfill this need, we will need to raise an additional $45,000.

Here is where YOU come in!  Please prayerfully consider helping these supplies get to where they are needed?!?!

If you can't give right now, we pray that you will share this need on Facebook and/or Twitter.  Thank you.

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