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Mundane to Miraculous

We are just so excited about what God is doing around the are a few more of our missionaries' stories...
Story Provided by Dennis Campbell
Mundane to Miraculous
Hi!  Thank you for checking out this article.  We recently sent out some excerpts from some of our Missionaries' prayer letters and the response has been great!  We thought you might like to read some more of their stories in their own words...

Chasity & Nixon Katabira - Uganda

"We are happy to let you know that we were able to purchase a brick-making machine, as a step toward acquiring a structure for the youth centre. It is a manual machine which requires enough strength to compress a brick. We have been able to make some bricks with the help of the young people who voluntarily spare some time to help us. Besides making bricks, acquiring this machine has helped us to develop the spirit of ownership among our young people and it is a great tool for team building.

At the moment we are on the journey of laying a youth structure, and we believe that every big journey begins with one step. We got an architect to draw the ground and the structural plan for the youth building. Some of you heard of us getting a tent; however, instead of the money we would spend on it we thought this would be a starting point for the real structure. We shall keep you updated and for this we say thank you for all the support toward us and being one of the team."

Morris & Mary McLean - Guatemala

When we went to Guatemala in March 1993, our assignment was to construct a Bible school to disciple and train leaders for the churches in the North/East part of Guatemala.  We have maintained that focus even though people often ask us to do other things, like teach English. However, from time to time, God has definitely spoken to us in regard to personally meeting humanitarian needs.  An example would be Anita, who was born blind from cataracts and needed two surgeries to give her sight.  We were able to make contact with some ophthalmologists who did the surgery for free.  Then there was Victoriano who cut off three of his toes while getting firewood for the family and we were able to help the family until he could work again.  Or the opportunity the Lord placed in our path to help Ronald and Geovanny complete their high school education when there were no parents to do so. 

Recently we were led to help two families, a couple and a single mom, both with two children (the women are sisters) who had no place to live.  An aunt of the girls offered them a 12 x 16 foot pig pen if they could find a way to close in the roofed structure. 

Morris and I, along with Cristóbal, a first year student, and the husband of the one gal, committed six days of hard work in 36 degree temperatures to close in the structure and divide it into two rooms.  It isn't a five star hotel but it is a shelter from the elements.  

Sarah Speer - Congo

ALM - The American Leprosy Mission (ALM) is involved in leprosy work around the world. From May 10th-13th, Serge Ngalipe, our future Leprosy/Community Program Director and I, in collaboration with the Catholic Mission, took the Program Director of ALM, Mr. Jim Oehrig and its Regional Director for Africa, Dr. Emmy van der Grinten, and Chris to see the health situation of the Aka Pygmies in the northern Likouala Region. Oh my! They were presented with leprosy, yaws, possible Buruli ulcer, malaria, worms, malnutrition, and other diseases that we had never seen. They live in the midst of great poverty and mistreatment by some of the Bantutribe.

We were stunned! And, we left with a resolution in our hearts to return with an action plan to relieve their suffering and distress. If you will participate financially in making this happen, please visit

Mark & Sharon Perkins - United Kingdom

Reg and I had a wonderful time encouraging Todd to seek God. He asked, "But don't you think all religions are doing good, helping people?" I said, "No, because all that help is temporary. People will still die and face judgment, and we are judged on whether or not our sins are forgiven. All that help does not forgive sin. Only Jesus can forgive sin."

You pray and I go! When I go, I meet people like John. He is an atheist and refuses to attend any events to which I invite him. Yet he accepted and listened to a CD of a sermon I preached. During my most recent visit he accepted a New Testament. Your prayers prompt John to actually read and to understand.

Ashir & Miriam Mylaram - India

We praise God for the provision of four milking cows. We believe that God will provide 16 more cows so that we can sell the milk and use some for the children in the orphanage. Please pray with us for God's miraculous gift of milking cows. 

We thank you again for your prayers and support. It is indeed a great encouragement for us. Please continue to partner with us and let us together bring glory and honor to God.


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