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Location: The Kimia Center, Impfondo, Republic of Congo

Dates: Customize your trip, consider a duration of a few weeks, months or a longer-term opportunity.

Who:  Indigenous people of the Congo region – Aka pygmies

Approximate Cost:   Monthly: $3500 - $3700 (US)

Description: Did you know that the indigenous people of the Congo region are Aka pygmies? Although diminutive in stature, they are renowned for their bravery and ability to hunt, fish and thrive in the jungle. Unfortunately, they are discriminated and marginalized by the majority population.On top of that, their community has a very high rate of leprosy. 

The good news is that there is a cure for leprosy! The bad news is that it is very difficult to locate and medically treat nomadic people who are often on the move.

The Kimia Care Center is one piece of the larger solution as it provides accommodation for patients and their families as they undergo initial treatment. The longer-term plan is to have them reintegrate in their communities while being monitored by trained health personnel. 

In this manner, it is our privilege to help those who have contracted leprosy and work toward eliminating leprosy from the Congo.

We are in need of those with a passion for film evangelism to accompany and assist Community Health Educators who will travel to remote locations and work with the Aka in the Congo river basin. Such a mobile team will do community outreach to educate people about leprosy and show evangelistic films.

If any aspects of the above opportunity resonate with you, be sure to contact us to see if this could be a fit for you.