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Missionary Midwife Training Program

Impact of Midwives

  • Missionary midwives play a vital role in reducing maternal and newborn mortality.
  • Missionary midwives impact the families and communities of their patients.
  • Christian midwives transcend many barriers to the Gospel.


MissionGO seeks to mobilize qualified women who sense God’s calling to missionary midwife service.  To this end, MissionGO has partnered with the Newlife International School of Midwifery (NISM), which has been training Christian missionary midwife students for over 20 years.  NISM is an American school, whose academic and clinical training is done at their clinical site in the Philippines where 27,000 babies have been delivered. 

This program has been structured to enable its students to raise the necessary financial support for participation, acquire experience while serving in a clinic setting, and provide effective training for students interested in pursuing midwifery Certification and Licensure.   


  • Training – Newlife International School of Midwifery shares the objectives of MissionGO to see midwives join the harvest of world missions.  At NISM, midwife students acquire cross-cultural training, cross-cultural experience, midwife training, practical experience and accreditation that position them for missionary midwife service.  The initial 30 months of training will take place in the Philippines.
  • Internship – Upon completion of initial training in the Philippines, MissionGO will place program participants at one of its clinical sites for a six-month internship.  The internship assignment will provide an opportunity for the students’ base of knowledge and experience to further expand under the mentorship of experienced medical missionaries. 
  • Upon graduation, the student will have an opportunity to serve 12 months in one of the MissionGO ministry sites. As a candidate career missionary, financial support will be raised, and students will receive compensation based on the support raising model of MissionGO.


Applicants will be considered for acceptance into the program based on their suitability for missionary midwife service including the following:

  • Christian Faith: Have a solid and vibrant Christian faith
  • Church Involvement: A positive relationship with a recognized church and regular attendance
  • Ministry Experience: Have a solid track record of volunteer service in the church and/or community
  • Sense God’s calling toward overseas service as a missionary midwife
  • Demonstrate a servant and compassionate heart
  • Is flexible in a team environment and is a team player
  • Education: High School/GED + 
  • The following courses are recommended as a prerequisite prior to enrollment; College Level Analytical Writing, College Level Fundamental Math, Anatomy and Physiology, Statistics.  However, applicants won’t be denied for their inability to meet them.
  • Strong command of the English language (both written and oral)

Because your internship and time in the field will be under the MissionGO banner and ministry site, candidates will also be required to complete the normal application and approval process.  A MissionGO recruitment specialist will be happy to explain this process further.

* Program participants will return to the USA to complete the NARM Written Exam after course completion at NISM.  The amount of time required for this step has not been included as part of the 36-month program.  Consequently, participants may require a total of 4 years to complete the program.  

Certification, Credentials, etc.

Newlife International School of Midwifery’s training program is uniquely designed for students interested in pursuing midwifery Certification and Licensure. Students will pursue academic and clinical requirements to be eligible to write the NARM Written Exam (North American Registry of Midwives) for the CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) credential.  After successful completion of the CPM credential, midwives customarily seek licensure from the State or Province of their choosing. 98% of NISM graduates have passed the NARM exam.  Note: All NISM’s Canadian graduates who have applied for Canada’s bridging program have been accepted.


Once accepted into the program, participants will be considered missionaries with MissionGO.  They will raise the necessary financial support to provide the means to serve in the Philippines and following the internship of the three-year program.  Each participant will be provided with initial fundraising training, ongoing coaching and a customized budget that will include all program costs including airfare, visas, medical insurance, accommodation, food, training, supplies, etc. 


It is anticipated that by the end of the three-year program, participants will be trained, qualified and experienced as overseas missionary midwives.  Additionally, since they will have raised a team of financial supporters and will be associated with a mission sending organization, they will be in a strong position as they consider God’s next step for their lives.     


Applicants can apply to this program by clicking on the “Get Started” link at the top of this page.

Applications will be considered on their merits and the availability of seats in the program.   

Schedule dates will be based on an individual’s entry point and completion and processing of all associated training which will be scheduled at the first available term at the certified school.

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