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Mokanji Medical Center

A service area of over 7000 people without an ongoing medical presence.  A dirt road, a village, and a clinic without minimal staff. This is more than a start-up. This is Mokanji, Sierra Leone, West Africa.

With a vision to return the Mokanji Medical Center to its pre-civil war condition and meet the regional need for physical and spiritual health, Global Outreach Mission has partnered with regional and governmental leaders to create a service opportunity for medical professionals interested in front-line medical missions.

The Mokanji Hospital is a Public Health Unit (PHU) in rural Sierra Leone. Located on the Mission Compound of Global Outreach Mission, Inc.   It serves 13 surrounding villages with a total population served of approximately 8,220 people.  This PHU provides perinatal care, under 2 immunizations and health tracking, and walk-in clinic care including treatment of minor wounds and traumas for Mokanji and the surrounding villages.  Around 25-27 deliveries are performed every month at this PHU.  Every Wednesday a prenatal clinic is held to check these women, and every Friday an immunization clinic is held to track the growth of these children and provide them with critical immunizations.  This PHU also serves as a walk-in clinic and minor wound/trauma treatment center.  If cases require care beyond what this PHU can provide, they are transferred to another hospital (usually to 1 of 2 that are both around a 1 1/2 hour drive away).  We are very thankful that there is now an ambulance service available to the district hospital!

We would love ANY medical personnel to come join us in serving this beautiful country and these beautiful people in this very poor community.  Our Community Health Officer (CHO) is a wonderful Christian woman who loves the people and is amazing at her job.  We are so thankful to have her here.  She will be happy not only to teach you but also to learn from you.

Specialties that would be helpful at the Mokanji Hospital: gynecologist, dentist, physical therapist to help teach proper body mechanics.  We would also love to have a general surgeon who could perform minor surgeries such as hernia repairs and appendectomies when our theater is renovated (so check in to see how it's coming!)

These are definitely not the only people we want to come!  If you have any specialty you think would be useful, check with us.  Again, we would love ANY and ALL medical personnel to join our team, whether short-, medium-, or long-term.  If God is calling to serve the wonderful people here in Mokanji and the surrounding area please prayerfully consider applying!  We look forward to meeting you!

To see some pictures of some of the work happening in Sierra Leone, check out:


Ready to serve?  Let us know by clicking Get Started to initiate an application.