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Support Raised
$14,050.00 Raised to Date




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Fig Tree Training Institute - Curacao 00423-030

Fig Tree Training Institute

We have created a Training Institute on the Island of Curacao that equips Christian pastors, caretakers, leaders, etc. with biblical resources to effectively address societial issues that exist in the Caribbean culture.

This is a vision the Lord has laid on my heart. As the only official Christian counselor on the ABC islands, it is my burden to help in a biblical way the many who struggle in dealing with contemporary issues. Many workers feel inadequate and need training, but have insufficient funds.

Our newest project is to be able to translate training materials from English to Papiamentu and to produce Video Training Courses in order to reach a wider audience with messages of HOPE!

A special thank you to those who have already given so generously to the FTTI project. 

Thank you for helping to build the kingdom of God in the Caribbean. Please feel free to share this project with your friends.

From the island of Curaçao expanding into the Caribbean region, our vision is to provide those in ministry or want to be in ministry the necessary educational resources through courses/workshops and conferences in the area of Biblical coaching and counseling. Since 1993 I have been the only official Christian counselor, and we are facing so many new challenges with addictions, perversity, and government oppression from our neighboring country Venezuela and others. Hurricane disasters also have their effect in many aspects. We pray for the church across the region to rise up!

Throughout 2020 we concentrated on training new trainers and provided a few seminars. I have been mentoring and supervising these 12 trainers during the year. Donations are welcome! Thank you for helping us equip leaders and ministers to make true disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Click here for more information on Caroline's work with the Fig Tree Training Institute

Click here to see more about her Translation Project

I am praying that I will also be able to help Lud purchase a newer vehicle. If the Lord leads, please click here to help.

Support Raised

Donate Now »
Name Amount Date Comment
Kevin Cahill $4,000.00 Sep 17th, 2017 Donation is to Caroline Van Romondt for Fig Tree Training Institute
Marvin Hundley $3,500.00 Sep 26th, 2017
Private $100.00 Jun 01st, 2019
Mary Smith $50.00 Jun 01st, 2019
Mary Murphy $100.00 Jun 01st, 2019 The donation is f or those who cannot afford the cost of the upcoming FTTI conference. We are praying for God to do mighty things!
Joy Lazenby $1,000.00 Jun 04th, 2019
Kevin Cahill $2,000.00 Aug 19th, 2019
wilfred van Romondt $500.00 Mar 01st, 2020 In appreciation for your work / mission Fred van Romondt Born on Curacao,August 10,1941- left 1962
Ana Carolina Perozo Alvarez $200.00 Apr 23rd, 2020
wilfred van Romondt $50.00 Aug 10th, 2020
Karen Rennie $500.00 Nov 26th, 2020 Use as needed for training.
wilfred van Romondt $50.00 Aug 07th, 2021
Kevin Cahill $2,000.00 Jun 16th, 2022 For Caroline Van Romondt to use for Fig Tree Training