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TREEHOUSE PROJECT: Facilities & Program Provides safe, Christian environment for at-risk children.
SPECIAL NOTICE: We have heard from Sierra Leone, and every one of our children are safe and healthy, during this tough rainy season.
We didn't want the recent news of torrential rains and mudslides occurring in the City of Freetown to cause you any concern.   We know that you are praying for the Treehouse girls daily.
Thank you for your prayers. Even now, we are joining with our girls in prayer and asking God how we can best help our brothers and sisters in the affected areas.
Tammie Campbell, Treehouse Director

$420 helps a child in this program for one year (or a monthly pledge of $35/month.) Please remember to write in your sponsor child's name or project in either the EFT form or on the online giving form.  Thank you!

The Treehouse Program began by targeting forty of the most at-risk girls in the Mokanji area. Now, as a result of the even greater need created by the Ebola crisis, requests are coming in to expand the Treehouse Program into a country-wide program to provide support for the many children who have been left orphaned.

The children of Sierra Leone have long been in desperate need of the necessities of life, but following the Ebola crisis this past year, the need has only intensified calling for immediate action.  These children are amongst the most vulnerable children in the country— making them targets for human trafficking. Each Treehouse is simply a place where Christian leaders guide and direct the children into good living practices – mentally, physically, spiritually and socially.

 As we continue to expand this program, we want to ensure that the children coming to us have not only their physical and educational needs met, but mental, physical, social and, more importantly, their spiritual needs. Illiteracy among school-age children is an alarming 61% and we can address this need.

With these goals in mind, we will be able to ensure that the impoverished children of Mokanji region receive the support necessary to give them the hope and possibility of a bright future while placing particular emphasis on reaching children who are without parental care or are at risk of losing it.

These funds are primarily for the increasing and training of existing staff and volunteers, as well as for furniture and equipment, and expansion of current facilities to meet the increased demand to add new children to this program.

We need $5,000 to upgrade the water and sanitation systems at the current facility. $2,500 for books and other teaching materials. $1500 a year supports one of our counselors and childcare worker on the site. $15,000 for building and interior improvements. $500 provides a nurse for one month.  A gift of $50 for a bag of rice supports our food budget.



Augusta BasngatayAugust Basngatay
Born Sept 8, 2008

Augusta lives with her grandparents and one of her brothers. Her favorite color is purple.
Nancy SowaNancy Sowa
Born: March 2011

Nancy likes the color yellow and to play with balls.
Hawa SahrHawa Sahr
Born in 2005

Hawa is very energetic, loves to jump rope
and the color pink
Mumnatu SowaMumnatu Sowa
Born March 2010

Mumnatu loves the color blue and playing
futbol. (soccer)
Elizabeth LassanaElizabeth Lassana
Born June 24, 2004

Elizabeth loves the color yellow and to play futbol.
Mary AlphaMary Alpha
Born May 18, 2005

Mary loves the color red
and to play tag.  Mary is starved for affection.
Hawanatu MassaquoiHawanatu  Massaquoi
Born Dec 6, 2010

Hawanatu hasn't spoken a word since her mother died.
Etta RogersEtta Rogers
Born in 2005

Etta loves the color purple and playing dodgeball with her friends.
Josephine Hawa SelluJosephine Hawa Sellu
Born April 6, 2008

Josephine is very shy and loves the color green.
Satta GeorgeSatta George
Born August 12, 2004

Satta is always joyful and loves to play futbol and to color.
Kadiejah KamaraKadiejah Kamara
Born in 2009

Kadiejah loves to run around and play outside.  Her favorite color is green.
Mariama BaoMariama Bao
Born March 10, 2003

Mariama lives with her Grandma and loves to play futbol.
Ramatu KamaraRamatu Kamara
Born in 2010

Ramatu loves to snuggle and the colors orange and purple
Bakisa AlliueBakisa Alliue
Born in 2002

Bakisa loves green and futbol.  She is the "most likely to succeed.
Mamie ForayMamie Foray
Born in 2010

Mamie likes the color green and to play with whatever toys she can find.
Kadiejah ChalieKadiejah Chalie
Born in 2004

We already have a sponsor for Kadiejah!
Mateneh KargboMateneh Kargbo
Born March 11, 2008

Mateneh loves school.
Mariama KamaraMariama Kamara
Born Nov 9, 2008

She loves futbol.
Bakisa SorieBakisa Sorie
Born May 4, 2008

Bakisa loves the color red and playing musical chairs at the treehouse.
Mamusu TurayMamusu Turay
Born in 2008

Mamusu lives with her Grandfather and wants to learn to read.
Hannah BaoHannah Bao
Born in 2010

Hannah was adopted by her elderly next door
neighbor when her parents could no longer care for her.
Aminata KoromaAminata Koroma
Born May 9, 2010

Aminata is very loving.
Hawa SillahHawa Sillah
Born February 1, 2011

Hawa is an adorable and affectionate little girl.
Victoria KallayVictoria Kallay
Born in 2011

Victoria is the youngest in her family
and is currently fighting malaria.  Her favorite color is pink.
Juliana MbambaJuliana Mbamba
Born in 2009

Juliana was her mother's favorite.
Milondo HubbardMilondo Hubbard
Born Dec 20, 2009

Milondo has nine siblings, likes the color blue and enjoys playing futbol. 
Marian TuckerMarian Tucker
Born Feb 20, 2006

Marian never stops smiling and loves to jump rope.
Kadijah Margai
Born in 2009

Kadijah loves the color yellow and playing
with her best friend next door.

Amie RobertAmie Robert
Born Dec 12, 2002

Amie loves to make new friends and to play futbol.
Massa SesayMassa Sesay
Born Mar 10, 2008

Massa has been taken in by her teacher.
Fatmata KattaFatmata Katta
Born Nov 6, 2006

Fatmata loves the color blue and playing tag with her friends.
Aminata BanyaAminata Banya
Born July 5, 2011

Aminata loves to be held and play with beads.
Nancy FaudNancy Faud
Born Oct 20, 2006

Nancy likes the color pink and playing musical
chairs during the "Treehouse" program.
Isata FaudIsata Faud
Born in 2005

She is Nancy Faud's sister and is in desparate need.
Abibatu YambasuAbibatu Yambasu
Born in 2001

Abibatu loves jump rope and the color red.
Janet MoserayJanet Moseray
Born Sept 12 2011

Janet is very fearful
Elizabeth MaholoElizabeth Manolo
Born in 2011

Elizabeth is very independent.
Manseria MansaquiManseria Mansaqui
Born in 2005

Manseria loves the color blue and to play ball


Support Raised
$47,580 Raised to Date
Complete Goal: $35,000