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When disaster strikes – when Global Outreach missionaries respond to emergencies - they are already there! They are on location and know what to do. Our program is READY, AIM, FIRE!

As you know, Europe has been flooded with Syrian refugees. A recent picture story in Time magazine and other media outlets, shows the horrendous plight of tens of thousands of people uprooted – no place to go – some countries slamming their door on them – others welcoming them! The vacant stares – the desperate search for a place to go – the children hanging onto their parents - is heartwrenching. .  . THE WORLD IS IN CONVULSIONS!

This report from one of our missionaries:

“One gentleman who worked at a church in Iraq told us the story of how he received a phone call from someone he did not know.

They told him: I know you work for a church.  We know your family.  You have two hours to leave or we will slaughter your family.”

Not only have these people lost their homes, their livelihoods, everything that is familiar to them but they live in fear.  When they come to us, we give them temporary housing.  Not just a place to live but a place where they feel safe; we work on teaching them new skills and finding jobs.


Our missionary writes:

“Often it is important just to sit and talk with them.  Make them feel like they are a part of a community again.  We let them tell their terrible stories and pray with them.  We counsel them and tell them about Jesus.  We tell them they are loved.  Many are learning about Jesus for the first time, and they are hungry for the Word.  We give them Bibles, and we take their children into our Christian schools.”

As a missionary sending organization, we have the people, the communication network, and the administrative oversight of the systems in place. However, our financial model is based on individual donors supporting individuals in the field or projects that are well-defined in advance. People, like you, are a lifeline.  The frustration is the serious lag time to meet emergency needs.  We understand the need quickly, but we don't always have the funds to respond to those needs. The start of an EMERGENCY RESPONSE FUND ensures we have the capacity to respond immediately to these needs as our missionaries identify them.

When these emergencies arise, we are already poised for action. But we usually lack one thing – and that is the money to respond as quickly as we would like. The missionary is ready to move quickly – but has limited funds available – sometimes even borrowing from his/her resources to get started. A shorter response time is needed. And you and I both know that emergencies and disasters are happening more frequently in these end times.



Your gift now – in any amount – can help to meet the current needs among Syrian refugees – or continue our efforts in Sierra Leone where the Ebola crisis has left behind tens of thousands of orphans – or can help provide medicine to patients when the crisis is medical.

Even in the most disastrous circumstances it is not just about providing food or clothing – as important and fundamental as that is – IT IS ABOUT FAMILY LIFE!  We give them food, milk for their children, blankets, mattresses and as one missionary shared, we have even given them washing machines! Some refugees end up living in apartments with as many as 16 children, so just being able to wash their clothes makes a huge difference.

There are so many refugees that often they are treated inhumanely. We try to help them feel human again - and know they are loved.  Every time we visit we not only bring food and other items, but we sit and talk with them, pray with them, teach the Bible and seek to disciple them in the Christian life.  The neighbors of these refugees observe what we are doing and ask questions; we are ministering to them as well.  We have these ministry locations in the Middle East, Germany and many other countries.

Soon after the initial reports of the SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS I heard from our missionary in Germany. He reported that a ministry to Syrian refugees had already started. Here is one of his observations:


One refugee said:

“In Iran, the revolutionary guards arrested my brother in a house church. I fled - wanting to live freely my religion. But now, even in Europe in the housing for asylum seekers – controlled by Muslims – I cannot openly admit I’m a Christian. Because I did not awaken to eat before sunrise on Ramadan they treat me as an unbeliever - treat me like an animal and threaten to kill me.”

Day by day clothing and shoes, food and God’s Word are offered – and the story of Jesus’ love is shared!

We know that these refugees need Jesus.  They need to know that even though they have been through very traumatic events they are loved!  Jesus gives them hope.  You and I both know that we need to provide them with necessities of life – but MORE IMPORTANTLY – SHARE THE LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST, WHO DIED FOR THEIR SINS. We listen to them, cry with them, love them, give them dignity, and tell them about Jesus!

These are demanding times. Our missionary family and national volunteers are growing closer and closer to numbering 600 people around the world. Every one of them faces the world that is in turmoil – the world in convulsion! But we serve a great God – and together you and I can make a difference one life at a time. Your sacrificial gift right now will help so much.


Your gift of $40 – or $75 or even more to our EMERGENCY RESPONSE FUND will allow us to respond – taking careful aim at solving problems of physical and spiritual needs!


We urgently need partners to step forward with special gifts of $1,000 - $5,000 to fill an immediate need of $35,000. Believe me when I promise your gift will be effectively used. God bless you as you prayerfully consider this urgent need.

Support Raised
$51,020 Raised to Date
Complete Goal: $55,000