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The crisis of medical care in so many parts of the world is met only when three things come into play:

                          Prayer and Compassion

                          Funding for facilities, medicine, and equipment

                          Medical Doctors and Nurses to provide skilled care

Hundreds, indeed, thousands of medical professionals sacrificially give of their time and talent to extend expert diagnosis, treatment, bed-side compassion and surgery—often emergency surgery under deplorable conditions. Doctors take vacation time and leave their medical practice behind at great financial loss in order to provide the care that is so necessary. I asked one doctor why he did this and he answered:

“We make the time to come serve with willing hearts to show the love of Christ yet we can’t stop there. When we arrive, we need resources to be made available so that we can complete the work we came to do. We have been trained to be compassionate and competent, whether here or in a remote location on the other side of the world. Our passion from day one was to make a difference in our communities and those around the globe. Serving on the mission field is a way for us to give back.”


On average, most of the medical professionals that come to us contribute at least two weeks of their time on the field. In addition to that, many times it is common to add on a couple of days travel to get to a remote location—sometimes as much as 3 or 4 days. The destinations in these distant locations usually have needs that are the most severe.


Often times, although doctors fund their own travel, it is important that they be met with adequate medical supplies and resources to allow them to be effective once they arrive. GOM provides medical services through several hospital locations and clinics—and they require a reserve of medical supplies and equipment such as x-ray machines, surgical instruments, medicine and bandages. These supplies must be constantly replenished.


An example of this happened to a team in Sierra Leone, Africa. A young girl went into convulsions and slipped into a coma. The doctor who came on the trip knew her condition was critical and had the team start praying. It was then realized that some of the medicine that the team had brought, which wasn’t available at that clinic, could be used to start her on a regimen. The next morning, she was sitting up! The doctor expressed that she would have either died or had permanent brain damage if they hadn’t been able to act right away. God is so good.


These medical clinics are not just critical to the physical care of the people and the ongoing education of local health workers. These clinics are also critical to the relationships that are developed with people as  we show the love of Jesus and then share the full Gospel. These relationships blossom into friendships—and as the Gospel is shared by a Christian doctor, a nurse, a missionary or a national worker, we see our patients turning to Jesus every day! One of our medical teams in March was part of baptizing over 25 individuals in a Muslim region.


Every doctor and nurse that contributes their time faces unknown risks, including medical challenges they may never have planned on, unusual foods, political unrest and uncertainty, misunderstandings with patients, language barriers, financial pressures, travel interruptions—the list is endless! Yet they go and give of themselves with a cheerful heart.


Each short-term medical team that we send with supplies and other resources requires $5500 on average.  This year we are planning on at least 10 medical teams.


Would you consider simply committing to pray for a medical team—and giving to help make their trip possible?


A gift of $5500 will ensure the necessary medicines and supplies for one entire medical team to be successful. What a blessing it would be if each team had a group of individuals—perhaps from your church or Sunday School Class standing with them in prayer and financial support while they minister for Jesus on your behalf! They want to know that people like you are praying for them as they go! When a donation is sent in, GOM will send you a brochure of the teams going, along with a tax-deductable receipt. Any gift of any size toward this effort is also appreciated; it will surely accomplish a lot because we know God’s hand is in it.


As a result of medical teams, we have seen countless numbers find Christ, started hundreds of churches around the globe, and have established Christian schools as well. This is about MEDICAL MISSIONS. This is about SPIRITUAL MISSIONS. This is all about SHARING the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.


Sincerely in His Matchless Name,

Brian Albrecht, President