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Fifteen Communities have requested we dig wells – wells/sanitation facilities and starting new churches - $97,500.00

One of the major contributing factors to the ill health of Sierra Leoneans is polluted water. Nearly one-half of the population is not using a protected water source for drinking which leads to the contraction of infections and parasites, the largest cause of death. One out of every five infants in Sierra Leone will die due to water-related diseases before they ever reach their fifth birthday. Furthermore, the lack of clean water contributes to poor sanitation which generates a high risk of Hepatitis A and Typhoid fever. The overall result is an average life expectancy of only fifty-six years, one of the lowest in the world.

Over the past four years, MissionGO has provided water to 150 communities starting Churches in each of these areas on land traded for the well.  We are faced each year with requests from  communities, schools, and medical sites to provide deep wells that can provide clean water all year round.  We currently have a list of over 15 communities that desperately need deep-water wells drilled.

Each community that receives a new community well exchanges the water well for a piece of land for the development of a Christian school or church. Trained pastors or evangelists are assigned to these locations for the establishment of Christian outreach in the community. As we provide clean water we share the Gospel of living water – so “you never thirst again”.

Funding to dig these wells and start these churches will afford our missionaries/national pastors the opportunity to touch the lives of approximately 52,500 individuals.

Each community well and church costs $6,500, which is only $1.88 per person for clean water.


Support Raised
$87,340 Raised to Date
Complete Goal: $97,500