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Global Outreach Mission’s goal is to spread the Gospel around the globe—yet without you, it will not happen.

As a sending mission organization and as Christians, it is our deepest longing to see others come to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. As Christians, we know we are led by the Holy Spirit to understand God’s Word and to believe on it for salvation. After becoming Christ’s followers, we are to dwell on it. In fact, as I was thinking about the phrase in Romans 12:2, “transformed by the renewing of your mind,” it occurred to me that you can only renew your mind by immersing yourself in the Word of God. God’s Word can change us, and it also can direct us.

We are now in 59 countries, and the Lord continues to open new opportunities to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord has impressed upon me the need to get the Word of God into as many hands as we can. It’s only the Word that can transform lives. It’s the Word that helps believers grow and become more Christlike. Since this is true, I need your help is sharing the Word of God around the world. We have printing presses in the Middle East ready to print Arabic Bibles. We have missionaries on the field ready to distribute God’s Word. What we need are copies of the Bible to give to those who are lost spiritually and to those who believe, but need God’s Word to grow in their faith!

Would you help us to print and share God’s Word?

In 2018, we need your help more than ever to fund $30,000 for the purchase and spreading of Bibles and Christian materials. Let us not just stand by while many still do not have an opportunity to receive their own Bible. We must act today. Bibles can be printed in the Middle East for $6.00 each. An entire barrel of Christian education materials and Bibles can be delivered to Africa for $275.00! $12,000 can deliver a 20-foot container filled with 100,000 Bibles!

A monthly pledge of $25 or more will allow Global workers share these materials in many remote places. Let us enable the Good News to be spread to every nation, tribe, people, and language so that we may stand together before the throne of our great God one day soon and glorify Him forever.

Sincerely in His Matchless Name,
Dr. Brian Albrecht
President, Global Outreach Mission, Inc