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Throughout the Bible, heroes of the faith spoke of a Gospel in which we are not to be ashamed. Peter encouraged us to proclaim the praises of Him who called us out of darkness and into His wonderful light. Jesus Himself said that He is the light of the world and whoever follows Him will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life. In the dark culture of Bangladesh, light permeates the darkness—one that cannot be hidden.

This light is the Truth of the Gospel! The Ahoban Radio Program—established 45 years ago—shares its light to thousands upon thousands as they hear the Word of God after the nightly news. We reserve this radio spot specifically as news is so important and popular in this region. Here are some recent letters proclaiming the incredible works that God is accomplishing in the hearts and minds of listeners:

“I am a regular listener. I asked all of my family members to sit together and listen to your program. We all accepted the Lord as our personal Savior and love Jesus Christ and apply His teachings to our lives.”

“Greetings. Through your Ahoban Radio program, I came to know about Jesus. In your program, you mention books about Jesus; please send books.”

“I listen regularly to the Ahoban Radio program. I have realized that only Jesus Christ can save me from sin and give me eternal life. So, I accepted the Lord Jesus. Now, I am attending a church near my house. I am not baptized yet. I am facing much opposition from my Hindu family as they are not happy that I am now a Christian, but I believe the Lord Jesus is with me. No one can separate me from Him. Please pray for me through my struggle and suffering so I can overcome this and also take part in baptism.”

A light is shining! We rejoice that Jesus is making these Gospel seeds grow, and we are grateful that He is using us to bring good tidings of great joy to all people through radio
(Luke 2)!

This past year, the Mondals (who lead this ministry) have sent 440 personal letters to encourage Ahoban listeners and answer many of their spiritual questions.

300 listeners completed Biblical correspondence courses and have returned them to the ministry! Through these courses, 139 accepted Christ as their personal Savior!

The Lord is doing mighty works among the children of men. These 139 new believers are now radiating light for Jesus Christ—a light so bright, it cannot be hidden.

We have received reports that although this ministry is thriving, the funds for resources are low. We desperately desire for this ministry to stay on the air. Many are opening their ears, hearts, and minds to listen to the Gospel. As in the testimonies above, we pray more radio listeners can be as Jesus stated, “But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.”

MissionGO is so grateful for partners like you—who keep this ministry in your prayers and financial support. Without them, our progress and influence in Bangladesh are stifled. A special gift of $750 provides air time for one full week of broadcasts, and $50 provides correspondence courses for 10 people. We have been encouraged to see the recent positive financial responses to this ministry! Support for this ministry has a shrinking deficit of $14,207. Would you faithfully keep this Ahoban Radio Ministry in prayer as we seek the Lord’s wisdom for the days ahead, and would you prayerfully consider giving a gift today to advance the light of the Gospel?