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El Jardin Sagrado is a beautiful camp/retreat center located in the Orosi Valley of Costa Rica. El Jardin Sagrado is dedicated to the glory of God as a place to host Christian mission teams and rent to Christian churches and organizations.  Please consider supporting this Retreat Center as it is in need of some repairs.  We would love to see the camp grow to be a light in this community, a place to come and find rest in HIM!

Here are some of the needs: 

Our greatest need is for your intercession and prayers - for direction, provision, protection, health, divine appointments, and boldness. Thank you for taking the time to pray and consider your involvement with El Jardin Sagrado: Dedicated for the glory of God.   

Camp vehicle (Praise the Lord - we received enough to purchase this vehicle!)

Multi-purpose flooring for Celebration Center – keeps the dust down, helps with sound during events – Costs are about $6,000

Roof and security reinforcement for an office building- Costs are TBD - The Lord has provided! There have been Motion Sensitive solar lights installed around the camp. (WE STILL HAVE SOME ADDITIONAL FENCING AND GATES THAT ARE IN NEED OF REPAIR)

Improvements to a missionary house– roof, kitchen renovation, exterior stairs- $3000 The Kitchen has been repaired. Ceiling improvements have been made - WE ARE STILL IN NEED OF ROOFING, ELECTRICAL, EXTERIOR, AND INTERIOR FINISHES.

Appliances (some of them are quite old, not energy efficient, and are beyond repair.) Refrigerator-Intern Cabin #8, Stove- missionary house, Washer and dryer- main office house.

Mattresses 2 or 3 double or queen-sized mattresses. 10-15 twin-sized mattresses. Many of the mattresses are old and are in great need of being replaced.

 *Many adaptations need to be made to all of our buildings to meet the COVID-19 restrictions required by the CR Government - dividers, washroom access per cabin, etc. A Short-Term group could fix one or all of these issues.

A few improvements: (aka- possible team projects!)

-New Rancho between the main office building and Cabin #1

-Footbridge between camp property and a mission house- to avoid walking on the road when it is dark.

-Screens on windows of 2 cabins

-Outdoor seating with benches – enough to seat 40-60 people or more

-Pool Deck behind the pool. It is currently a 2-3 ft. drop over the back edge.

-Campfire area closer to the main camp area

-Repaint Celebration center interior and roof- Due to the location in the tropics, continued maintenance and painting are necessary for maintaining the buildings.

Some nice to haves:

-Picnic tables 5-10 more, Ping pong table and accessories, 10-15 cots for overflow sleeping accommodations = more rental income, New pillows, sheets, blankets, and bath towels for North American teams. (Costa Rican groups furnish their own bedding, etc.), Basketball half-court including hoop and net

Tools: list available upon request
Electrical, carpentry, etc.


3 microwave ovens, 1 stand mixer, 2 electrical Hand mixer, 1 Mixer, 1 Cooking pot set 6 pieces, 2 Pressure cookers, 1 griddle for cooking, 1 kitchen crockery, 2 Bread toasters, 40 Spoons, 40 Forks, 5 kitchen knives, 2 Rice cooker (20 cups), 1 Rice cooker (10 cups), 40 Glasses, 40 Coffee cups