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Creation. A people that rejected their God. 400 years of silence. Then suddenly, a spark—a light—a star. A radiating thrill of hope.

The powerful God of the Universe came in human form as a little baby in a lowly stable. This is the story of redemption. Herein begins the fulfillment of our salvation: “And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21; Philippians 2:7).

To this day, over two thousand years later, we still talk of Jesus Christ—celebrating and cherishing Him.

In fact, MissionGO shares Him in over 55 countries around the globe, obeying His last words to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and teaching them what He commanded. What a privilege to pursue this every day!

Today, we are asking for your help in supplying children with physical needs that will drastically change their lives. Why do we wholeheartedly believe that these resources can make a difference? Because these precious souls that are receiving resources are being taught the Word of God and shown His love. All we do is in Jesus’ name. Would you look at these needs and prayerfully consider how you can be Jesus’ hands and feet this Christmas? As we celebrate our Savior this Christmas, let us help bring hope to children in this New Year.

Central America
What’s happening?

Guatemala has one of the highest maternal and infant death rates in Central America. At a birth center named “Centro de Partos el Pozo," our missionary (Stephanie) manages prenatal care appointments, labor and delivery, and postpartum care for women from remote communities where there is little access to safe and professional medical services.

There is a great need at the clinic for infants to receive formula. The clinic is currently supporting three babies, and the possibility of a fourth coming and needing the same treatment is very likely.

Many young mothers seen at the clinic are chronically malnourished, and it is imperative that the infants receive breastmilk to have the best start in life so that they are not destined to grow up chronically malnourished themselves. A two-month-old baby who came to the clinic last month weighed less than his birth weight! The mother is breastfeeding, and the clinic is supplementing her with formula until the baby gains more weight.

One young mother lost her milk supply due to scheduling mandatory surgery and being told by local health professionals not to nurse while taking injections. The baby is 3 months old and needs nutrition! In August, another mother took advice from a local doctor to give her newborn formula that he provided for one month. She had no running water, much less clean water, to make the formula which would lead to the baby’s gastrointestinal problems. Stephanie was able to give provisions of formula since the mother lost her milk supply in the process. God is using the clinic in beautiful ways!

Stephanie painted Jeremiah 29:11 on the clinic’s banner to describe the Christian care they give—and that women would trust that God has a plan for them—to give them a future and hope.

What is the need?
• To supply formula per month for a baby, it costs $100.
• To supply formula for one year for 3 babies in 2020, the clinic needs $3600.

Mokanji, Sierra Leone
West Africa
What’s happening?

On our MissionGO compound, we serve the community with a medical clinic, new secondary school, orphan program, well-drilling program, and informal theological training. Our nurse (Heather) and national workers are often patching up cuts, scrapes, boils, checking on babies, administering shots, and they are in constant need of a sufficient first aid supply as our clinic serves a number of villages and sees over 100 patients a day!

Our nurse is also looking after 15 boys in the village. She just wrote to inform us that the boys have half-dollar holes in the heels of their sandals. She said that many children are tough on footwear, yet what is often available is often low quality, and many families have a hard time affording new things.

These boys also have a need for educational materials as they go to school. Meeting this need is a beautiful way to show Christ’s love and hope not only to the boys but also to the families as they know we share Jesus with them!

What are the needs?
• 200 basic first aid kits: $20 each
• 15 pairs of boys’ rain boots: $6 each
• 15 pairs of boys’ sandals: $3 each
• 15 school backpacks with an educational bundle: $25 each (includes composition notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, loose-leaf notebook paper, and crank pencil sharpeners)