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In Sierra Leone, West Africa, the infant mortality rate has been one of the worst, if not THE worst in the world. Things are improving, but there is much more we can do together. In 2000, the infant mortality rate was 150 per thousand births. In 2018, that number fell to 79 per thousand—more than half, yet still a staggering number.

MissionGO owns and runs a clinic in Mokanji. We serve as many people as we can there. As you know, early prenatal care is so important to reducing this infant mortality rate. One of our nurses in Mokanji sent in this report:

“The Mokanji hospital needs an ultrasound—badly. Women here often will not go to another facility for an ultrasound, even if they are told to. Sometimes it is because they are afraid, sometimes it is because they don’t have the money to pay for transportation, sometimes we just don’t know why, but it has often times caused problems for the nurses at our hospital, and the mother and child involved. One of these times was very recently. A woman came into the hospital in labor and, after much difficulty, it was decided she needed to be transferred to a bigger hospital. She was taken by ambulance, but the baby ended up dying. The problem was that the baby’s head was too big to pass through and so was damaged. The mother also ended up in poor condition. All of this most likely would have been avoided if the staff had been able to do an ultrasound and see the challenges that laid ahead, and thus sent her straight to a larger hospital to give birth. Like I said before, this isn’t the first or only case in which an ultrasound could have saved either a life or a very difficult situation.”

The other challenge is that we do not yet have power in our hospital, so any ultrasound device we get needs to be rechargeable.

-Heather, Resident Nurse

As you can see from this report, we are eager to get a rechargeable Ultrasound Unit there as soon as we can to prevent any more deaths like this one! The cost of the machine and supporting computer, along with getting it there is $10,000.  Just think about each life we will save by having one on-hand!  Please consider giving whatever amount you can.  It will make a huge difference in the lives of many mothers and babies.

Thank you so much for your love and support for Sierra Leone.

In Christ,

Tammie Campbell