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The Ahoban Radio Program is one of our most fruitful ministries. In fact, the number of salvations and decisions to serve Christ demonstrates its effectiveness. Yet, it is the hardest ministry to raise funds for and to maintain—mostly because there is not a significant North American base of awareness.

Located in Bangladesh, neighboring India’s eastern border, the Ahoban Radio Program reaches the Bengali people—who have the seventh most spoken language in the world! Reaching this corner of the world is vital because only 0.3% of the population even claim to be Christian. Bangladesh is mostly rooted in deep Islamic culture (90%) with Hindu rituals and Buddha worship practiced less. The need for Christ’s Truth to permeate this region is dire for the souls that live there, and Ahoban is making a significant impact for God’s Kingdom.

World news in Bangladesh is very popular and important. Knowing this, our missionaries have a radio spot immediately after the news for 15 minutes each weekday. Even though a large percentage of the world has access to television, internet, and smartphones, there are millions in Bangladesh whose primary media is radio. 

Ahoban Radio has numerous outreach opportunities that strengthen and even validate the breadth of its impact. While it is faithfully preaching God’s Word, it additionally provides listeners with discipleship and opportunities to engage with other believers. When listeners seek more, follow-up is available through the staff in the form of counseling over the phone, advice through the mail, correspondence courses, audio-Bibles, discipleship training, listener rallies, ladies’ seminars, and children’s events! For example, in a given year, over 450 personal letters are written in reply to listeners’ spiritual questions! 260 Gospel messages were broadcast this past year, along with 104 social programs dealing with culture and spiritual topics! Praise the Lord.

Two months ago, the staff led six discipleship training seminars in eight days in different towns. 300 Bengali people participated! They also just trained more than 20 underground mission workers from another country to be more effective in their personal evangelism.

Last Fall, over 80 children attended their VBS programs including songs, Bible stories, crafts, and drama. This particular village never had VBS before. The results were astounding. Not only did they have an incredible response from the children’s guardians, but they offered to provide lunches every day for the program. At first, the kids were uncommonly unruly, yet by the end of the week, they were participating, behaving, and having fun. Fifteen children came to Christ and shared Him with their families!

Just look at the recent IMPACT Ahoban has had in the past 4 years:

  • 1590 Correspondence Courses completed: 548 accepted Christ
  • 529 children attended VBS programs: 98 accepted Christ
  • Discipleship training, open-air meetings, and rallies: over 40 accepted Christ

Our goal for Ahoban Radio and for its additional programs is that every ear may hear the Gospel, and additionally, for each person to have the resources and follow-up to be able to lead deeprooted Christian lives full of fruit. We are seeing just that, and our hearts are greatly encouraged.

Because of the low North American awareness regarding this ministry, our national missionaries have a hard time networking and sharing the productivity of this God-filled Radio Ministry, although hundreds are coming to a saving knowledge of Christ each year (with follow-up!). It costs $3,500 a month to cover all the expenses. We need reoccurring givers each month to keep this ministry going. Would you prayerfully consider today how God may be personally leading you to fulfill the Great Commission through this radio work?

Thousands and thousands of souls have come to salvation in Christ over the lifetime of this ministry. Local churches have been planted from the seeds of this 45-year outreach. Please ask the Lord to sustain this ministry.