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On May 20, 2020 a powerful cyclone landed along the coastline of India and Bangladesh right through our missionaries’ property damaging their home—along with the homes of their extended family members, friends, and community. Among a 45-day COVID-19 lockdown, this heightens the challenges they are all facing. Cyclone Amphan, the equivalent of a category 3 hurricane, brought winds up to 105 miles per hour with maximum gusts even reaching 118mph.

He described it as a nightmare. It started on May 20th in the early evening and continued until 11 pm. The severity of the storm went beyond their expectation. Our missionary, Pradyot Mondal shared this morning that the sound was severe, and the buildings were powerfully shaking. Through the window, they could only watch as big trees fell on surrounding cars and buildings causing terrible damage.

The Mondal’s extended family were in a house nearby along with their children. Suddenly, the roof flew away, and they started shouting. Pradyot and his wife quickly asked them to come down to their home. Around 7 pm, the power went off and all was dark. They all gathered together in their sitting room and started singing songs and praying, and Pradyot discussed the miracle of how Jesus stopped the storm (Mark 4:35-41).

Then, news started coming in from their village ministry about our MissionGO School where they have a Bible club. Various people in the community were nervous in their mud houses and wanted to take shelter in the school which the Mondals speedily allowed. The school quickly filled up with many families. Because of COVID-19, each family stayed in different classrooms to stay distant. The wind was so severe that one window was blown out, a door was destroyed, and the compound's boundary wall was broken which now needs repair. However, the school is a concrete building, so all the families remained safe! The children’s coordinator’s house roof is broken because of a falling of a palm tree, along with their sister’s and husband’s (evangelist) roof also being damaged badly.

In Bangladesh, daily wagers are not getting work. They do not have money with them, and they are fiercely struggling with their daily lives. Now, in addition to COVID-19, this storm destroyed their properties, and many Ahoban radio listeners from the Mondal’s ministry are sending them messages about their difficulty and losses.

What Can We Do to Help?

Right now, palm and fruit trees are scattered across the ground, tangled in phone wires, and piercing through roofs. Electric poles and the cement below were pulled out of the ground by the wind’s force. And now, the area lies in ruin. The Modals are seeking immediate help. They are asking for supplies to give out to repair roofs and the resources to be able to buy essential food items such as rice and beans.

Please join us in praying for the Mondals and their community, along with the areas of Bangladesh and India that have been hit badly. Your prayer support is essential as the Lord delights in hearing and answering the pleas of His people. Please also consider playing a part in helping provide supplies to repair roofs and food to those badly in need during COVID-19 and this cyclone. Many are reaching out to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ for help. Let’s enable them to share Christ’s love & let’s meet this need together!