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No matter where we find ourselves in the world today—whether it is in a populated city in North America or a village nestled deep in Africa—we all have one thing in common. That one thing has changed our way of living and disrupted our routines—COVID-19. Through times of difficulty, however, we find opportunity. All Christians have an additional thing in common right now—new opportunities to share Hope with a weary and anxious world. That Hope is a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who calms the storms within our hearts and gives us a song to sing.

During this time, we are learning how important media is. It is bringing churches together. It is allowing Bible Studies to continue and discipleship to still flourish. We can video chat with loved ones; we can send encouraging digital messages to our hurting friends. Most importantly, during so many shutdowns, the Word of the Lord still goes forth! Our fellow brothers and sisters are using media in innovative ways to reach people for Jesus Christ! In fact, the particular medium of radio is as powerful as it ever was.

Our program “Canada’s National Bible Hour” is the longest-running Christian North American Radio Broadcast. It can be heard through North American radio stations and online around the world. In fact, some of you had heard that we received a letter from a listener who lives almost 6,000 miles away from our recording studio in Nigeria! After her school’s student body lost 5 friends unexpectedly, Janet started searching for truth. Janet came across Canada’s National Bible Hour’s broadcasts online and shared it with her friends—and in turn, they shared with their friends. 239 students surrendered their lives to Christ through our radio broadcast! Now, they all gather regularly in the student hall to listen to our broadcasts. She shares, “Thank you for sharing the powerful, undiluted, undeniable, unfailing, true message of salvation from God. We all now know that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life…Before, we were lost in sin, but today we have denounced all these things. We look forward to growing more spiritually in Christ.”

They requested Bibles, and MissionGO was able to send them over 200 copies! We received 51 testimonies of these Nigerians thanking us for their own copies of Scripture! We just received these encouraging praises and testimonies:

  • Ever since I received a copy of the Bible you sent me, I do not miss a day reading it. Reading from the Scriptures has increased my faith. I have grown to love God more and more through the words of God. Thank you.
  • My life is now a testimony to others because of the rich food the Bible feeds to my spirit. The Bible you sent me has been received at a time when I needed it the most.
  • Praise the Lord for I was a Muslim, but now I am a Christian. Thank you with all my heart that you readily supplied me with a Bible.
  • As a result of reading the Bible you sent me, I have a thirst of truth. I have met with several of my friends, and I have shared facts of God’s truth.
  • I thank you dearly for sending me a copy of a Bible. I study it over and over again.
  • The CNBH messages have been a good help for guiding me to pray using the Scriptures.
  • I thank you very much for sending me a Bible. I must testify that God has used the Bible to transform my life. I read it every day. May God give you wisdom to continue this wonderful work, as well as expenses so that this great gift will reach to all the corners of the world.
  • Your sermons on the internet encourage me. I believe your ministry is an instrument being used greatly by God to sow the seeds of revival we so desperately need in Nigeria. Thanks for the Bible that was sent to me.
  • I am now born again. I was a pagan before but after accepting the message of Christ, I became born again. Thank you for the Bible you sent to me to help me in my Christian life.
  • I was experiencing dryness spiritually, and your sermons have gloriously filled my life. I was reminded of the ever-abiding presence of Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Even as I write now, there is joy flowing from my heart because I have given my life to Christ. I am a new person.  I have been refreshed by all the messages. From the depth of my heart, thank you for the Bible.
  • Thank you so much for sending me a Bible that I have longed for. I love reading it and cannot wait to see each new thing from the Bible. Please continue in your good work.

With news like this, how can we keep from singing even through the storms of life we are experiencing? The Word of God is living and active (Hebrews 4)! While we are navigating a pandemic, the Lord has been using media to spread His Gospel overseas—even allowing us to be a part of giving them the written Word of God! We now have a new opportunity to share our CNBH program through handheld solar radios and want to distribute them into different corners of the world! We have located 5 target areas (in West Africa, Central America, and East Asia) that have strong interest in learning about the Lord! We need $6,000 per location for the set-up of each FM radio broadcast station—and to equip our pastors in these remote villages, we additionally need 200 handheld solar radios per location for $35 each.

Would you join us in this new venture for God to work in the hearts of nationals worldwide as He has done in the hearts of His Nigerian children? These testimonies were a delight to hear and have encouraged us in our continued work for the Lord. Will you help us spread His Gospel from shore to shore through radio?