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For those of us who have a deep relationship with Jesus, we know His power. It was His power that formed the earth and gripped His most beloved creation. It was His power that sustained His people through bondage, evil kings, and decrees of death. It was His power that broke through 400 years of silence to offer hope and redemption. It was His power that enabled Him to endure a grueling cross to offer us the gift of salvation—and it was His power that miraculously brought Him out of the tomb to ascend on His throne. This same sustaining power, that has endured through the ages, lives within us now and gives us an enduring hope to fight against sin, darkness, sickness, and death. We know it is the Lord’s power that saves souls. And we know that Jesus freely gives of His power and strength to His laborers who help people in need.

MissionGO has a clinic in Mokanji, Sierra Leone that serves 8,400 nationals. Our missionaries and the local staff are hard at work each day working tirelessly to meet the needs of the patients who walk in. Our clinic is the only access to healthcare that these 8,400 locals have—other than a government district hospital that is a few hours away. Currently, our staff seeks to treat patients with malaria, respiratory infections, pneumonia, hypertension, anemia, skin and eye infections, malnutrition, and much more! In fact, since our clean water project of drilling over 250 wells, we have seen dramatic drops in water-borne diseases, infections, parasites, and diarrhea! We want to build on that God-given success.

Due to an impoverished environment and harsh economic realities (combined with the recent coronavirus), local villagers have a very challenging time finding sufficient food for their families; seeking medical treatment is the least of their priorities. Because of this, they tend to avoid getting help until they or their children are almost at the point of death—and thus, many of the cases are considered emergency in nature.

Recently, a sobering event presented our missionaries with the reality of how dire the situation is at our clinic. A young mother, Teneh, approached our team with tears streaming down her face asking, “Why? Why?” Her four-month-old son, Little Bill (named after our missionary), lay on a plastic sheet in our MissionGO clinic gasping and fighting to get air in and out of his lungs. The dreaded malaria parasite had robbed his little body of its needed oxygen. Nurses looked on, helpless. No electricity exists at our clinic. Therefore, no oxygen was available. Two feet away, in the next bed, lay three-year-old Fatmata, pale and almost lifeless, also fighting for breath stolen by the same disease. Our clinic called an ambulance, but it took three hours to get them to the nearest district hospital. Sadly, the three-year-old died on arrival, and Little Bill died the next day.

We too ask the question, “Why? Why?” Why must life be cut short needlessly? If only oxygen had been available sooner, these children might still be filling their homes with laughter and joy. Without electricity and a solar system, our clinic remains without oxygen, without lab facilities, without x-ray equipment, without ceiling fans in the extreme heat, or even without adequate lighting for late-night deliveries. The power for equipment is desperately needed to treat those who come for medical care, even down to the details of lighting. Right now, we have the light of the windows and work with headlamps. It is currently the rainy season (which lasts for several months), and dark clouds are lingering constantly.

With adequate solar panels for our clinic’s roof, the power needed to bring the clinic to a much higher level of care is possible. With electricity and acquired equipment, better diagnoses will be made, more accurate treatment will be offered, and even minor surgeries will be performed. In fact, an experienced local doctor has offered to come to our clinic to serve on a regular basis and perform surgeries if we can get electricity! Additionally, the health officer from the government has committed 3 trained midwives to come serve alongside us once we gain electricity, as our clinic serves over 1,800 women that are of child-bearing age! Powering ultrasound equipment is crucial, especially for expectant mothers with difficult deliveries.

24/7 electricity is life-preserving and essential for the work God is calling our team to do. Through loving hands and caring hearts, we share the Gospel with our patients and treat them the best we are able. We seek to give alternative options to our patients rather than having to live with their diseases, or God forbid, visiting witch doctors. Many are not only living in physical darkness but also spiritual darkness. Our clinic is a light to thousands!

After our missionaries experienced the loss of these two precious children, and recently, witnessed the death of a local pastor’s son, they are now donating from their own retirement savings to encourage others to partner with MissionGO to assist in providing the health-care so needed in this community! They recently told us, “May there not be another grave dug for a lifeless child simply because we failed to give.” Every gift given will be matched up to $30,000! To get the proper solar panels needed, we need to raise $60,000 in total. “What is a life worth?” we ask ourselves. We cannot turn our backs on the many others just like them who are sure to follow if conditions do not change.

We long for the day when God’s home will be among His people, and He “will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away” (Revelation 21:3-4). Until then, God has given us work to do through His power. Will you allow God to use your prayers and sacrificial giving to work in a mighty way at this clinic? Will you give
today to make a solar-powered clinic in the heart of Sierra Leone a reality?

Support Raised
$15,257 Raised to Date
25% 100%
Complete Goal: $60,000