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Your gift of $6,200 builds sturdy and reliable homes for vulnerable families in great need. Help us to build homes that will provide shelters and security to families that will last a lifetime. Consider starting an advocacy campaign with your friends/family, Sunday school class, small group, or your church so that we can touch and impact real lives in real ways for the glory of God.

Our Hesed Home Building Project builds sturdy and reliable homes for families, widows, and orphans in great need. These cement-block structures are constructed to last a lifetime—with cement blocks, wood trusses, tin roofs, screened windows, and lockable doors.

In rural Haiti, many families live in huts or shacks. They battle seasonal downpours, rotting floors, collapsing roofs, and cracks in infrastructure. Many of the families have to stand together in a corner of the house (sometimes for hours or the entire night) whenever it rains because of the roof leaks. Such bad leakage ruins their belongings, grow bacteria, and viruses that lead to various type of diseases. To make matters worse, without lockable doors these families are vulnerable to wild animals and strangers who can enter with ease.

Through our Hesed Home Building Project, we do what shacks can not—provide shelters and security to families that will last a lifetime. Our local committee chooses home recipients by selecting the most vulnerable families out of the vulnerable in the communities we serve. In Haiti, the cost to build an entire home is $6,200. Because of our sponsors, more than 20 families have received homes in Christ’s name.

Would you like to join us to build these homes in Haiti? Learn more here.