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Christya Jyoti Training School was started by Lil Bahadur Shris in 2007.  Lil Shris studied at a Bible School in Singapore in 2003 and came back to his home in Western Nepal with a vision to start a Missionary Training School.  

In January of 2007, Lil rented a house in the town of Surkhet and started teaching 8 students without any promise of long-term support.  Steve Regnault came to the school to help teach and eventually Lil and Steve partnered in the running of the school.

The school has run 1 complete training rotation every year since 2007, and the students of the school have gone out and started many churches across Nepal.  The Missionary Training School runs for six months.  There are five months of in-class training, and there is one month of outreach into various parts of Nepal.  

Because the church is growing so rapidly here and because a lot of the students that come are subsistent farmers, a 6-month school seems to be the right amount of time for training.  Many of the students have kept ties with the school and continue to receive training in the form of conferences and through classes recorded on video.  

Christya Jyoti Training School is slowly building contacts with other schools and is waiting for God’s guidance to expand its courses and training.  

Financial Needs

Although Christya Jyoti Training School does require a small fee from the students that come, this fee is very minimal because of the remoteness of the areas we are targeting.  Almost all of the support for the school and students come from partners.  Our average school size so far has been 10 students.  As we expand our facilities, we will be able to accommodate more students.

Support a Student

The cost of supporting a student through our 6-month training class is $570 CND.  Included in this amount is the cost of sending the student on a one-month outreach trip in often remote areas of Nepal.  

Support the staff

There are now 4 staff couples that are working full-time at the school.  The cost of supporting the staff in their ministry is $160 CND/month.  After the 6 months when Bible Training is completed for the year, our staff runs a 45-day school for youth who have just finished high school.

Cost for one 6 month Missionary Training Rotation

The cost for 10 students, 4 staff couples, outreach costs, and other school expenses for 6 months averages $8,700 CND.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us as we seek to train leaders and church planters in Nepal?