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Sierra Leone is among the 10 poorest countries in the world.  It endured a civil war that lasted from 1991-2002, leaving vast destruction.  The country was slowly recovering from the devastation of the war when it was struck again, this time by Ebola.  Over 50,000 people died during the civil war, and nearly 4,000 died from the Ebola epidemic, leaving behind struggling and fearful people.  Life continues to be a struggle for much of the country.  Education is a struggle for many people as well, because although the government has declared “free” education, books, uniforms, shoes, and fees add up, making the cost more than many families can afford, especially when multiple children are involved. 

Hope for Tomorrow is a program created for boys in the Mokanji area.  With a girls sponsorship program (Treehouse) already in our community, I saw that there was also a need for boys in our community.  The program provides the boys with 1½ hours of tutoring 4 days a week, and Bible lessons on Saturdays.  With sponsorship, in addition to tutoring, we would be able to provide vital services such as medical care and food assistance; we would also be able to expand the tutoring and Bible lesson activities. Would you consider sponsoring a boy for $35/month (or $420/year)

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Sevallie Alhaji Christian Amara Ibrahim Bendu
Rader Kamanda Abdul Kamara Joseph Kandeh
Alhaji Kemokai Dauda Koroma Gbeilla Koroma
Fonnie Robert Ahmed Robinson Christopher Rogers
Alpha Sefoi Gbejima Sesay Ishmael Sesay
Agabus Davies Zidan Moseray