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Thank you for your ongoing prayer and financial support for this vital ministry in sharing the name of Jesus Christ across the globe. Canada’s National Bible Hour is available to people now more than ever, as it is on the radio, has its own podcast, and is available anywhere the internet is accessible!

Each morning when I get ready for the day, I am sure to spend time in God’s Word. It refreshes and prepares me for a new day, claiming God’s strength and promises. Just in the past week, I was reminded of what a blessing it is to have not only such easy access to God’s Word, but also my own copy of Scripture in my native tongue—in my hands!

Pastor James from Malawi, Africa is reaching out to Canada’s National Bible Hour to urgently request Bibles for new believers to whom he ministers. James is a traveling pastor and overseer who goes to remote areas preaching the Gospel, baptizing new believers, and providing spiritual and administrative oversight. While visiting numerous congregations on Sundays and throughout the week, he also shows a Christian film about Jesus. He leads discipleship and leadership training as well. His ministry is devoted to sharing God’s Word in hard-to-reach areas, fulfilling the Great Commission. There are 4 main goals: the evangelism of the lost, the establishment of the believers in the faith through discipleship, forming church plants, and providing compassionate care.

Pastor James teaches doctrinally sound principles and truths that are in line with God’s Word and echo Canada’s National Bible Hour’s passion and mission.

God has harvested souls for His Kingdom through the work of Pastor James and those who help him. Just in this past year alone, over 1,000 locals have come to know the Lord and so far, 420 have been baptized!

There are countless stories of transformed lives! Mr. Mashalubu used to be a witch doctor. While Pastor James was traveling village to village, he brought the Jesus film to Mr. Mashalubu’s community. He heard the message of Jesus, his heart was grieved before the Lord, and God freed his life from the bondage of sin! That very day, he gave his life to Jesus, and he is now a devoted Christian! On another trip, Pastor James preached a sermon about the Good News of Jesus Christ. A woman named Elizabeth immediately repented, gave her life to the Lord, and now lives a transformed life to the glory of God! She had been a prostitute and was an alcoholic for years! Many of you relate to the need for spiritual transformation as you write to us about unsaved family and personal testimonies. Paul reminds us, “And such were some of you!” as we have been washed and sanctified (1 Cor. 6:11). With such a great harvest, there is a great need for discipleship! These Malawians need their own Bibles!

The villagers are incredibly poor and needy. The cost of a full Malawian Bible is 1/3 of the monthly wage for an average salary. Pastor James has told us there is no way new believers can justify this expense when they need to put food on the table for their families. These Words of Life are imperative for village evangelism, personal discipleship, and church planting! These locals are baby Christians, and it is God’s desire that they are fed with the meat of the Bible, and not just milk (1 Cor. 3:2); therefore, it is CNBH’s desire to give them spiritual food to thrive on in their newfound faith—and that they are discipled as the Great Commission demands. So far, through Pastor James’ God-given ministry and administration, 645 Malawians are currently being discipled.

The logistics are all settled as God has done exceedingly abundantly above all we could ever ask or think (Eph. 3:20). The Bible Society in-country is only 26 miles from where Pastor James lives—and he will be able to get there on his own to pick them up! We are overwhelmed by God’s goodness, and this is just another evidence that God is orchestrating this as Malawi is 520 miles long! This means that there is no shipping cost to Pastor James or additional cost as the Bible Society directly fulfills the order with no upcharge! Each Bible is custom made, in their native tongue. These copies of Scripture are not able to be mass-produced like in North America, and the Bible Society must originally import them from a printing house outside of Malawi. The Bibles are on the shelves. The pastor is ready to travel to collect them. Perfect location—perfect opportunity!

Jesus Christ offers healing to hurting hearts through His nailed-pierced, outstretched hands. Let us offer the news of His love and the new life He brings by delivering Scripture into their hands. These are Bibles that they can read and grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ—words that are living and active (Hebrews 4:12)! Through your generous donation of $15, a special Malawian Bible will be distributed to one of the people you see in the pictures below, along with other remote villagers like them! They are literally praying for Bibles as you read this! They yearn for God’s Word to reach their remote homes to share with their loved ones. Will you equip Pastor James to distribute these Bibles and spread the power of the Gospel to transform lives?