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Nestled deep in the rainforests of Central Africa, missionaries with caring hearts and skilled hands are working as unto the Lord to treat remote villagers and nomadic individuals with the heart-wrenching disease of leprosy. For the sake of Jesus’ name and to build His Kingdom, they are not only treating leprosy, but also treating broken lives with Jesus’ love and Gospel. 

The Kimia Center Outreach Program, a ministry of MissionGO in the Congo, travels to remote villages to seek out those with leprosy and transport them to the Kimia Center for prolonged treatment. Due to the nature of the medicine, treatment takes approximately a year to administer in order to achieve remission of the disease. 

Please continue to pray for the many who are still untreated and suffering greatly from the destruction of leprosy.
 Many who have never received treatment are permanently handicapped and deformed. Others end up dying due to secondary infections from untreated wounds.

Together, we can make a difference! Our missionaries have recently received a large shipment of leprosy medications. A team is on the ground now, seeking out those suffering from leprosy. Within a few days, they will bring new friends to the Kimia Center

Missionaries in the tropical rainforest of Congo are committed to giving God their bodies and souls to care for anyone suffering from leprosy, monkey pox, Yaws disease, and other neglected tropical diseases for the sake of His name. Will you join us in offering needed prayer and financial assistance? The operational costs to keep the Kimia Center running for a month are $5,000 USD. Your gift of any amount would be a significant blessing to bring hope and both spiritual and physical healing. Gifts go towards medicine, nutrition for our patients and any family members at the Center, surgeries, medical supplies, medical screening equipment, river trips for finding new patients, and more. By giving a one-time or recurring donation, you bring the Good News of Jesus and physical aid to those who have never heard His name!