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Rejoice with us. MissionGO’s Mokanji Clinic is shining, quite literally, as a bright beacon of hope. Over the past year, by God’s provision through you, we finished our solar panel project which is now bringing power to our clinic. No longer are we delivering babies by flashlights and headlamps! No longer are our medical staff binding up cuts and burns in the shadows! We even have a refrigerator that houses numerous medicines at the correct temperatures. Praise Jesus! The ability to use power has transformed the way we minister to Sierra Leoneans in the African bush—and the word is spreading. In addition to the hundreds we already see at the clinic each month, more are coming with their medical emergencies, because it’s becoming known that our clinic has power. The more that come, the more we see a larger range of symptoms and trauma. With the demand rising, there is a new expectation that we provide an elevated level of care.

Every week, we treat malaria, ulcers, hernias, and worms. Child malnutrition, heartburn, pneumonia, and colds are also common. Every Wednesday, mothers receive pregnancy-related care (around 150 women each month!). We deliver babies if there are no major complications. On Fridays, we hold an immunization clinic.

Our clinic saves lives to the glory of God constantly, yet now, we are seeing a great need to prepare and equip our medical facility to handle more critical care. Currently, our clinic cannot handle surgery. With our numbers growing as the word spreads, we reflect on Jesus’ reminder, “For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more” (Luke 12:48b). We have power. Now, our next major step is to purchase equipment to be ready for the

medical cases we are now observing. Our compound manager has renovated the west wing for surgical space needed for this endeavor. The room is ready; all we need now are the resources to fill it! There will also be space for a laboratory to allow for diagnostic testing.

The nearest hospital is two hours away—and it is four hours to the hospital in the capital. We recently had a man come to us after a horrific accident; instead of stabilizing and preparing him for surgery at our clinic, we had to send him to the hospital, delaying his treatment and driving him through rainy season road conditions. We are receiving more accident victims needing immediate treatment for limbs, etc.

Countless times, our missionaries are approached by locals asking why they have left the comforts of their homes in North America to patch their bleeding wounds or to nurture them back to health after malaria. The answer is a simple one. By displaying the compassion of Christ, the door is open to share of Christ’s wounds which heal us all. Nationals tell us they have never experienced this type of care. “Many come from foreign lands to convert us, but not help us,” a man said with tearful eyes. Chiefs of villages, little children— even most recently, police officers—have come to our mission’s church after receiving or observing our care for those around us.

Our approach is to care for the whole person, both physically and spiritually. Our reach in our area covers a population of over 8,400 nationals, not to mention travelers or nomadic groups! We’ve seen 80 nationals come to Christ and 24 receive baptism this year. The impact for Christ is substantial!

Surgery Room, West Wing

We currently have two community health officers and five nurses at our clinic. We have a number of experienced surgeons from the hospitals who have offered to serve at our clinic on a regular,

scheduled basis once we are able to furnish our facility with surgical equipment! Additionally, we have North American doctors who are then willing to take time off to travel to our compound to perform the emergency surgeries during their stay! Recruiting surgeons in the future will be easier as well.

This month, our missionaries reported meeting a 9-year-old boy who had a hernia that was so large, he had not been to school for a year due to being made fun of because of the disfigurement. The hospital is asking for more than his grandmother can afford. Imagine if we had the proper equipment and surgeons volunteering!

MissionGO recently approved two new North American missionary families who will be deploying to Sierra Leone soon. It is a difficult calling to be led of the Lord into the jungles of Africa. The laborers are few and the work is challenging, but the spiritual fruit we harvest beckons our hearts to this field that is white and ready! We must seek lost hearts who have never heard Jesus’ name. We must pursue meeting their needs physically (James 2:15-16), because then we can put Christ’s love on display. We must continue in this great work, because God has called us here. Here—at a clinic atop a beautiful hill overlooking miles of untouched African landscape. Here—where the testimony of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is shining bright for thousands to see (Matthew 5:14-16). Its light cannot be hidden. The total for this project is $40,975 USD. A gift of any amount brings this goal closer to a reality. Please help us meet the critical need of our emergency and trauma patients with the provision of proper equipment through financial gifts and prayers today.

Thank you.

Sincerely in His Matchless Name,

Dr. Brian M. Albrecht
President, MissionGO