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From the island of Curaçao expanding into the Caribbean region, our vision is to provide those in ministry or want to be in ministry the necessary educational resources through courses/workshops and conferences in the area of Biblical coaching and counseling. Since 1993 I have been the only official Christian counselor, and we are facing so many new challenges with addictions, perversity, and government oppression from our neighboring country Venezuela and others. Hurricane disasters also have their effect in many aspects. We pray for the church across the region to rise up!

Throughout 2020 we concentrated on training new trainers and provided a few seminars. I have been mentoring and supervising these 12 trainers during the year. Donations are welcome! Thank you for helping us equip leaders and ministers to make true disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Click here for more information on Caroline's work with the Fig Tree Training Institute

Click here to see more about her Translation Project

I am praying that I will also be able to help Lud purchase a newer vehicle. If the Lord leads, please click here to help.