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With our knowledge and love of agriculture, the Lord has led us to work with Hope for Home Ministries in Guatemala as the directors of self-sustainability. We are currently designing and implementing a program to help Hope for Home's 3 orphanages for children with special needs to become self-sustainable with gardens, orchards, farm animals, aquaponics, and more.
Why self-sustainability? Two primary reasons:

1. To ensure the future of Hope for Home so that children with special needs in Guatemala will always have a place to go.
2. Diet plays a huge role in one's health, especially for someone with severe disabilities because their system's sensitivity is heightened. Many of the fruits and vegetables in Guatemala are contaminated with chemicals and/or septic matter from lack of proper septic systems. By growing our own food we can ensure we are growing non-contaminated fruits and vegetables to give our kids the best quality food to give them the best quality of life.