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Our vision is to reach the unreached Hindus of our part of South India and help them grow in the knowledge of the Lord and become disciples to witness to others. Now there are 1000 believers in the main church and 5 daughter churches. There are 300 children in all the churches, and the team which works among the children is very hardworking and helps the children grow in the Word of the Lord.

A 3-year-old boy going to kindergarten told his teacher who has severe pain in her right hand to pray to Jesus and he told her that I will also pray for you and the next day the teacher told the boy that the pain has gone and she is happy. This is the story we heard when the Sunday School program was going on. The boy is 3 years old and he has memorized the entire book of the old and testament books. We are halfway through building a Children's Church, and we need an additional $6,000 to complete the project. Jas, our younger daughter, and her husband, David Jebaraj, are in charge of the Sunday school ministry. Help us as the Lord helps you.