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We started in 1994 ministering to the Hindus and Dalits and gypsy villages.  We just wanted to reach out and help. As we slowly started planting churches and continued to preach the gospel we saw many neglected people on the street, orphaned and Dalit children.  We now have had over 70 children in our orphanage through the years.  Many have graduated, going on to learn skills and work.

One girl, along with her sister and brother, were in the orphanage because they were very poor.  Before the orphanage, they were only able to eat one time a day because their mother depended on begging for money. Sometimes there wasn't enough money for even one meal!  We were glad to take them in and give them food, shelter, clothing, and education. We have seen them give their lives to the Lord!  One of them went through Nurse-Midwifery training and is now hoping to get a job with the government.  

Three other children lost their mother because she had a heart attack, soon after their father committed suicide.  A few ladies took the children in after their parents' deaths.  One of the women had come to know the Lord through our Gospel Ministry.  She called us and asked if we could take the children. We gladly did.   All 70+ of our children have stories to tell but we thank God for enabling grace in taking such children in our orphanage and feeding, sheltering, clothing, educating and discipling them in the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the near future, it is our goal to have a Christian school for Dalit families who have come to know the Lord.  If they convert to Christianity, they are no longer considered Dalit and are not eligible for government help.  These are the poorest of the poor in India already and when they lose the government's help they become even poorer still.  We desperately need a Christian school where we can give free education and a midday meal for them, as well as books to provide these children with a quality education.

This project would cost about $60,000.  Would you please pray for the Lord's provision?  Thank you!