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I have been living in and among the nomadic people in the Middle East hoping to bring them the good news of Jesus Christ.  I had been visiting this one tribe for quite a few years.  It takes a long time for these nomadic people to trust anyone and I am always looking for new ways to connect with them.  In these tribes, animals are their life...that is how they feed their families and barter for other things they need almost like a currency.  So I decided to bring a veterinarian with me one day.  The vet had been looking at some of the sheep and goats and asked me to bring him some medicine he had left in the car.  I ran to the car and backed up a little bit and then I moved forward.  When I looked in my side mirror, I saw a boy on the ground so I jumped out to see him.  I didn't know what to do, but I wanted to save him and take him to a hospital, which is very far away (about an hour and a half).  We put him in the back seat and when we arrived at the clinic, someone said -"You better run with your life to a police station".  

I went out to find the police station.  While I was driving I was thinking and praying - asking God to save this young boy.  So every moment Satan was putting things in my mind.  I was glorifying God with my tongue, with my voice praising Him and thanking Him for all His time and His blood and salvation and all He has done for us personally and as a family and ministry.  I called my wife and I said, "I want you to sit down, I have to tell you something.  I hit a boy with the car and I don't know if he is alive or not, and I don't know what to do.  I am on the way to the police station."  

Just so you know, hurting someone in this area is a really big deal...there are curses of revenge, there's a price to pay, besides you could be in prison for a long time and you never know when you will be out until these people release you.  They charge you to be in jail until they release you - otherwise, you will be in danger.  

I called my brother and some other friends and told them what had happened and they tried to contact people that they knew.  My brother sent another tribe to visit the boy's tribe and two tribes stood with us.  I was still driving on the road so I asked someone to call the police station and tell them that I was driving there and not running away.  They were looking for me so about ten minutes from the station they stopped me and told me that the boy had passed away.  At that moment, I don't know how to explain it - I was crying and shouting and just thinking about what would happen now.  At the same time, I thanked God for everything.  The police got worried about me and asked if I was alright or if I needed to go to the hospital.  I assured them I was saddened and upset for the boy and his family, but I would be ok and God is still good!  

I was to stand before the Judge (they usually take care of these cases quickly so there will be no more violence or revenge).  When I arrived in court, there stood my brother, the parents of the boy and the tribal leaders.  The judge asked them what they would like to see happen.  To my surprise and amazement, they answered that they had known me for a long time and that they knew I had not done this on purpose.  They said that I was a good man and they would not like to see any harm or prison done to me.  The Judge was amazed and later asked me about this.  I told him some about Jesus and His love for us (which is against the law in this country).  He did not argue with me.  He just said, "Your God must be with you"  Many people in the court heard this and I believe seeds were planted.  To God be the glory!

Abu Saad is not his real name.  We have changed it to keep him safe.  Please pray for him (God knows who he is)  Thank you!