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Career Missionaries
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Bob and Jody Buck

Bob and Jody Buck have ministered and served in the USA and Canada for a number of years....but now they will be serving in Costa Rica!
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Frédéric and Angela Sourisseau

God has called us to a church planting/development ministry in Brittany, France (Dinan). Shortly after Frederic's conversion in 1982...
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Doreen Jeanpretre

Psalm 23 tells us that the Lord is our Good Shepherd. How will people know Him if we do not tell them by word of mouth or by Scripture distribution, watered by prayer?
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Mark, Sharon, Caleb, Grace Perkins

We want to live each moment of each day as a testimony to the grace of God. His grace saved us, sustains us, provides and fills us with purpose and joy.
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Jerry & Connie Robinson

Forty-five years of experience in ministry including children's work, training others, camp directing, church Christian education...
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John & Jackie Bell

From 1975-1981 we lived in Turkey. After our time in Turkey, we moved to Australia...
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V.R. & Glory Mony Rajamanickam

I, Mony and Gloria have been involved in Church planting Ministry among the Hindus since 1986.
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Bill and Pat Turner

It is wonderful to be part of Global Outreach and be in Europe. The UK is a very needy mission field and has great need of Evangelism.
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David & Jasper Jabaraj

Touching hearts and spreading smiles is our main focus. When Jesus ministered He....
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Julie Baskin

I serve primarily with a First Nation's people who are known as the Innu or Montagnais...
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Un-named Missionaries

This missionary fund goes to those serving in sensitive locations and are not listed on the website at this time.
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