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Jim & Lois Moore

Jim & Lois Moore
Belize is a diverse country with amazing opportunities for ministry. Unlike a lot of mission fields Belizean people have an awareness of God and trust in His provision and protection. If Belize is evangelized, why do we still consider it a mission field still needing to be reached? The answer is at the heart of why Lois and I are missionaries in Belize.

I remember watching a television documentary. It noted that even though conquered, the Inca and other such groups seemed to thrive. By giving lip service, they found they could get more benefits when fighting for it. And though accepted in word and action, Christianity was not owned in the heart. This is similar to a politician who caters to a special interest group only to get their support. 

Therefore, our approach to ministry in this country is discipleship teaching more than evangelism. Once a person sees and can understand the message, they can truly accept it and claim it as their own.

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Venture Fund
Our ministry often involves extra expenses to go towards different projects and needs we want to help meet in the community. This fund goes beyond our own financial needs and helps us to further our ministry in ways we wouldn't be able to without your help.
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