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Breaking Down Barriers

In today's chaotic world, people are desperately searching for meaning in their lives; they don't know where to turn. Radio is an effective tool to penetrate every barrier that previously existed...
Breaking Down Barriers
In today's chaotic world, people are desperately searching for meaning in their lives; they don't know where to turn.  Radio is an effective tool to penetrate every barrier that previously existed.  In remote villages, people gather around the radio to listen to the Gospel.  Often they secretly huddle in fear, just to hear a message of love and hope that can satisfy their thirsting soul.

Around the world, a large percentage of adults get their Christian religious information from media – radio, television, and the internet – rather than from church attendance.
MissionGO broadcasts the Gospel via radio in several major ways:

  • LaVoix de l’Evangile – FRANCE (The Voice of the Gospel) is heard across the French-speaking world including Europe, North Africa, and the Caribbean.

  • LaVoix de l’Evangile – QUEBEC (The Voice of the Gospel) is located in Chateauguay, QC. This station has been sharing the Good News of the Gospel for over 30 years.

  • AHOBAN – every day before the national news it is aired in the Bengali language to an audience of 150 million persons in parts of India, Bangladesh.

  • CANADA’S NATIONAL BIBLE HOUR. Recently the National Religious Broadcasters recognized this program as the oldest continuing Christian radio ministry in North America. This year we commemorated our 91st anniversary. This broadcast began under the leadership of the Honourable William Aberhart, Premier of Alberta, Canada. His successor – the Honorable Ernest C. Manning, was convinced that God wanted the program to continue long into the future. He asked MissionGO to assume responsibility for this program in 1990. It would be unheard of today for a Premier of a Province in Canada to speak every week on a Christian radio program proclaiming the Word of God. However, starting in 1925, that is what happened! Canada’s National Bible Hour broadcasts in Canada and the USA, at a time when both countries are wandering away from their Christian foundations.
“God is ever and utterly faithful, but as we look around at world conditions, if we did not have the Lord, we would have cause for fear. . . if only people would see their plight without Him, and turn to Him. How I thank the Lord for you and your rich ministry, how I love to listen to your program each Sunday.”

CANADA’S NATIONAL BIBLE HOUR is heard every Sunday morning. I host the program, and our speakers include Rev. Arthur Larson, Dr. Fred Hartman, Rev. George Francisco, and others. I share a “Focus on Missions” report each week.

We regularly hear from listeners who are strengthened and encouraged in their faith. Over the years, many have accepted Christ. Our listeners send in prayer requests, and we enjoy a wonderful relationship with them.

However, I write this letter with a heavy heart. I need you to pray that the Lord will touch hearts to help support our radio ministries that reach people around the world - North America, the French-speaking world, Africa, India, Bangladesh, etc. As a result, each program requires the purchase of costly time on secular radio stations.

You can listen to our latest broadcast over the internet – simply go to our website: As you listen, you will learn how we are reaching the world for Christ.

We face rising costs for radio time – and right now need to receive $18,000/month to meet expenses for radio broadcast time. We have never operated at a deficit; therefore, your gift at this time is very important to keep these broadcasts on all existing stations.

Every week radio time costs $3,500.

The entire world is a mission field, and radio continues to be one of the most effective ways of reaching the world for Christ.

Recently another listener wrote and simply said:
“Thank you for your broadcasts. They encourage me to pray for others who need to hear spiritual truth.”

Help us to continue spreading the gospel and proclaiming the WORD OF GOD via radio outreach. We need your help in breaking down the barrier of unbelief and ignorance of God’s Word.

God bless you as you prayerfully consider this opportunity! Thank you for your commitment to this ministry.

In His Matchless Name,

Brian Albrecht, President

Your gift and your faithful prayers are needed now more than ever!

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